Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lucia Criminalise prostitution and those who use their services

New Zealand used to criminalise prostitution, but this was deemed unfair because the people who went to prostitutes were subject to no legal sanction. So, rather than doing the reasonable thing and making sure that using the services of a prostitute was criminalised as well, our idiotic Parliament of the time just decriminalised everything. But, after nearly 10 years of decriminalisation, prostitution is now out of control.

Sex workers have wrecked more than 40 parking signs in the last 18 months by using them to solicit clients, a tell-all-book on South Auckland street workers claims.

The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board released the book detailing business owners and residents dealings with street prostitutes today in their fight to ban them from working near homes, schools and sports grounds.

In the book, Donna Lee, the manager of the Hunters Corner and central Papatoetoe business districts, claims sex workers, among other things, are damaging public property

"Prostitutes use these (street sign poles) as dancing poles," she claims.

"The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them. Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people."

Lee said she didn't receive complaints from business people anymore because they've "given up on getting any help" and simply go about cleaning up their properties which involved picking up condoms, drugs and faeces.

"We quite literally deal with human waste every day."


All of this sort of activity needs to be criminalised again.

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Muerk said...

To be fair, destroying public property, having sex in a public place, and leaving drugs, condoms and faeces around is illegal.

The question is why haven't these problem behaviors been prosecuted and stopped?

Lucia Maria said...


Good question!

Marian said...


That's why some other countries with a liberalized attitude to, or legalized prostitution. Still take a dimview at street prostitution.

Although it still goes on it's NOT tolerated and still remains illegal because of that and other issues. Including the bogus claim used here. NZ Prostitution reform would make it safer for ordinary women walking on the streets. I'm well aware of the Papatoetoe situation. Knowing people who work in or own businesses there. Including cases of women employees having to wait inside for their ride home from work as soon as they stand outside the workplace or go to a bustop they get propositioned. Let alone all the filth that has to be cleaned up daily.

Libertyscott said...

Privatise the footpaths by handing them over to body corporates held by the adjoining property owners.

You don't get this behaviour in privately owned common areas - like shopping malls. Let the people whose rates pay for the footpath set the rules, because they'll be paying for it, rather than expecting local authorities to care.

Then you wont need to criminalise consenting adults engaging in activities you disapprove of, but which are none of your business.

Lucia Maria said...


True, you don't get this behaviour in shopping malls. Our local mall also bans the wearing of hoodies up over the head because they can be intimidating. However, just letting each group make up their own rules for what they will and won't allow is a recipe for disaster, long-term, in my opinion.

It's far better for an entire society (you could just think of NZ as a giant mall owned by the whole population) where we all decide what is and isn't acceptable in this society, which includes the selling of bodies for sex.

Which no one in their right mind would ever freely choose for themselves, there's always some underlying desperation there or self-hatred and leads to the destruction of that person, body, mind and soul.

Reggie said...

It's getting quite out of hand in many places with girls as young as 12 & 13 plying their trade and the cops being too "under-resourced" to spend all night and every night yarding out the lambs from the more experienced mutton.

If I recall correctly, the Police Association stated back when the prostitution law reform bill was churning its way thru the parliamentary process that there were aspects of the bill that were deeply flawed to say the least. . . but of course the left-wing societal shape-change agents went thru with it anyway.

Lucia Maria said...

Exactly, Reggie.

They really need to just round everyone up instead.

There's probably a whole lot of red faces in the Government about the whole "problematic" consequences of the reform act, now, especially that bit about sex trafficking of children in NZ that the US pulled us up about recently.

Chuck Bird said...

"Which no one in their right mind would ever freely choose for themselves, there's always some underlying desperation there or self-hatred and leads to the destruction of that person, body, mind and soul."

Lucia, Have you any evidence?

I do not think you can generalise on nearly any topic. There are highly intelligent high paid call girls who choose to it for the money.

Lucia Maria said...


Women don't approach sex the way men do - we're quite different.

This article will explain it: http://catholiceducation.org/articles/sexuality/se0095.html.

Chuck Bird said...

Lucia, woman do not approach a lot of things the men do - their brains are wired differently. However, that does not change my point that you cannot generalise.

Lucia Maria said...

Chuck, on this issue, I can generalise. :)

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