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Swine Flu - False Alarm?

In the last 24 hours, Mexican health authorities have dramatically revised the mortality figures for the disease.

Although the government cites almost 170 "suspicious" deaths possibly attributable to the new "swine flu" strain, it has never verified more than 20.

Now, after a closer review of those 20 cases, it has revised the number downward, admitting that there are only twelve deaths proven to be associated with the virus throughout the entire country, out of a total of only 260 verified illnesses. However, it is not known how many cases have occurred unreported in people who were never hospitalized.

Although the number of "suspicious" deaths may seem alarming, it is actually tiny compared to the number of total flu deaths that are likely to occur on an annual basis in Mexico.

Indeed, the Mexican government reports that there are an average of 20,000 pneumonia deaths in Mexico every year. Influenza normally kills its victims by causing pneumonia.

The alarmist statements trumpeted by the major media are also in sharp contrast to the total lack of non-Mexican deaths due to the virus. Although the disease has appeared in multiple countries, only one person outside of Mexico has died of it -- a Mexican boy who had crossed into Texas with his family to visit relatives.
So far, no one in NZ seems particularly sick with it, even though swine flu has been identified here.

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  1. Yes, the MacDoctor is beginning to wonder if this is going to turn out to be too much tequila in the doctor's tea.

    At least the virus actually may cause a "pandemic" this time - just like influenza does every year.

  2. One things for sure, the lefties in America have used this as a distraction to further their nefarious agenda. The msm aiding and abetting as always.

  3. Very interesting. The Catholic church is putting in place precautions against flu, the TV news is suggesting that communion wine is not being offered to avoid infection. Is this actually true, or is the wine being still offered, just in individual cups as in many Protestant churches?

    I'd be very concerned if any church was panicking over this issue so much that they would even change Holy Communion out of fear.

  4. Unfortunately, it's all true.

    Although it may not be fear that is generating this response, but rather liberal subterfuge.

  5. Yes, I have alot to say about this particular issue, but for now, have decided to bite my tongue.

  6. I'm shocked to hear it. Well, as I'm not catholic, I'm free to say what I like about it!


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