Sunday, January 17, 2016

ZenTiger Lying a form of free speech

When a society does not value truth, it follows that immorality becomes the norm, and the values that holds society together - trust, honesty, respect and integrity disappear. There are many stories reflecting my concern. Recently, the complete misreporting of Susan Devoy's comments about Christmas was compounded by the media who, on the same pages as they corrected the mis-reporting, were still posting opinion pieces of outrage from their own reporters, pretending the truth didn't matter.  Why waste a story, even if built on lies?

This post I came across, where the US Federal Court maintains wearing war medals never earned, expressly worn to misrepresent a persons history, is just another form of free speech. Essentially, they maintain intent to deliberately lie or commit fraud is free speech.

These judges have forgotten that free speech only exists in a society that values truth, because free speech should be a counter to poisonous ideas, lies and the misuse of power. Now, it seems, free speech is just another vehicle for mocking truth.
SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court on Monday tossed out a veteran's conviction for wearing military medals he didn't earn, saying it was a form of free speech protected by the Constitution.

US Court Says wearing unearned medals is free speech

Monday, January 4, 2016

Fletch Australian-Made Production on Pre-Maori NZ Peoples

A very good Australian-produced hour-long feature about the pre-Maori peoples who populated New Zealand which queries why there seems to be a rewriting of our history and sweeping of all this into the memory hole.

More info HERE.