Sunday, April 20, 2014

ZenTiger Espiner the Easter Bunny

Colin Espiner blames Christianity for the laws of the land:

If you’re desperate for a pint, you could always sign up to a chartered club, because that’s less offensive to Christianity. Or check into a hotel. Or head to a gastro pub or a restaurant that serves alcohol, as long as you purchase a meal as well.

Jesus loves those with a full stomach.

The article highlights the desirability to sort out the inconsistencies in the law, but strangely enough Colin Espiner, after mocking Christians and Jesus, doesn't draw the obvious conclusions behind his statements: That the government doesn't make laws according to the whims of parliamentarians, but instead are completely in the pocket of a small evangelical church somewhere in Utah. Or perhaps all laws in NZ were passed according to a couple of notes direct from the Pope? Or perhaps he could lambast the Unions and Labour organisations for trying to minimise the number of people forced to work on public holidays? Nope, it's the most popular of pastimes at Easter: kicking Christians for secular laws.

Yes, Christians are likely to consider Easter and Christmas as fair grounds for public holidays, but when it comes down to it, the laws are set by politicians in a secular system. They are frequently updated by politicians, or they are left alone by politicians. If the Easter trading laws are inconsistent, then blame the lawmakers, and stop crucifying Christians. Even after 2000 years, cold-hearted people such as Colin Espiner insists on throwing stones at the wrong targets.

Also on the radio this morning was some strange Professor with an American accent proclaiming that he knew what authoritarians were like. Authoritarians were the kind of people that had a different point of view from liberals such as himself. Presumably, they wanted to pass laws to protect that point of view - much like liberals want to make laws. Yet he seemed to be speaking of democracies, where there is presumably allowed to be a contest of ideas, and a freedom to debate? He painted a stereotypical picture that authoritarians had their lawns neatly mowed, didn't like foreign languages (and presumably foreigners) and definitely didn't like Thai food. He then, perhaps without realising it, used the example of his 6 year old son. At age six he liked tinned spaghetti-like foods but by the time he had grown to his 20's, enjoyed Thai food and now in his forties, he was definitely not an authoritarian because he liked all sorts of cuisines of the world. Seriously?

Obama was not an authoritarian, pronounced this Professor, and he wasn't sure about George Bush (probably was, but couldn't really mount anything resembling facts to support his opinion, wisely relied on sentences trailing away to nothing, inviting the listeners to fill in the rather large blanks that revealed much of his mind.) Seems he wanted to mix any differing stance with an issue of authoritarianism. The more I listened to him, the more he sounded like a liberal fascist - by railing against authoritarianism in such a stereotypical, and substance-less fashion, it just sounded like he couldn't handle dissenting points of view. I missed the start of the radio show, and I decided to miss the end of the show. If he had a reasonable point to make, I didn't hear it.

Perhaps he and Colin can get together and share notes on how evil it is that non-liberals are holding back the politicians from making sensible laws and allowing 24/7 shopping over Easter.

I, for one, fully support Parliament sitting over Easter, pulling 16 hour days with no overtime or penalty rates. Just imagine the efficiencies we gain, whilst striking a very important blow for liberal democracy and free trade.

Update: Actually, Colin does blame more than just the Christians for Law Making.  He suggests those evil unions, responsible for the evil 40 hour week, share the blame with corrupt politicians:

"New Zealand's shop trading laws are one of the last bastions of religious tradition, union strong-arming and pork-barrel politics."

"When the 40-hour working week was implemented in 1945, weekend trading came to an abrupt halt for nearly four decades. When I was a child, the Christchurch seaside suburb of New Brighton was the only place in the entire country where shops were permitted to open on a Saturday.
The argument put forward by the union movement was that workers needed the break - after all, even the Almighty took Sunday off.

Although I note, he managed to get a sneering comment in about "the Almighty". Although, that could equally apply to the Unions, given the 40 hour week stranglehold they apparently have NZ under :)

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Andrei said...

Some things are beyond satire:
Athletes warned to approach Easter eggs with caution

ZenTiger said...

Shock horror. I fear for those athletes who may not have read that article warning them of the perils of a poor diet. I mean, how else could they possibly know? Perhaps we need to pass a law on banning Easter Eggs?

paul scott said...

incredibly christian boring dude , you can do better

ZenTiger said...

Too late, you've already read it.

paul scott said...

Conservative update. I just receive a pamphlet from Conservative party in the post.
I recognise not affiliated with this blog master
This is a high quality glossy with a picture of Christine Rankin MILF CEO looking good.
I get all the party broadcasts and this is the best, apart from the silly shirts and hats they want to sell.
Christine Rankin said for us to talk to each other, your country needs you she says

Down here at the bottom of Barbadoes street is a massive sign about referendum binding.
The Nat party has said to hell with our opinion on the Asset sales and that weird smacking law .
It will take a lot of work, that business about incest ruined any last chance for ACT,
The Nat is riding high of course, but in my opinion he should give Craig a seat.
This would be the ultimate killer blow. I think Epsom will feel let down now,
I told McCully this, and i did not receive a reply, and its always good news when Murray will not say.
i predict has a NZ Nat victory rating at 74%.
Once they get rid of Cunliffe it will take years to recover

ZenTiger said...

Thanks for your comment.

I think ACT is finished too. The Conservative Party has a lot of work ahead of them to establish themselves as a credible political force. However, they can offer something very different to NZ Politics that we don't get from ACT or National. If they are canny, they might even disrupt the left with a few "social justice" policies. The trick will be to ensure they don't let the media define them. I suspect I'll get a little more political as the election approaches. I'll try not to be boring :)

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