Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lucia Pope Francis on the family and the desire of the devil to destroy it

An important quote by Pope Francis:

"Families are the home Church where Jesus grows. He grows in the spouses' love and in the children's lives. For this reason, the enemy attacks the family so much. The devil does not want it. He tries to destroy it, to prevent love from becoming free. Families are the home church. But married people are sinners like everyone else, they do not want to go in faith, in its fertility, in children and the faith of their children. May the Lord bless the family, and make it strong in the face of the crisis by which the devil wants to destroy it."

When I think of the laws passed in recent years in New Zealand that don't strengthen the family here, but instead chip away at undermining it, I can see the influence of the devil on our politicians. Recently, it was the redefinition of marriage, which destroyed the understanding of marriage by the state; and then previously, the anti-smacking law which allowed interference in the family by state in the raising of children; and in the last decade, the care of children act which turned parents into "caregivers" of their children.

Weak families mean a strong state and too many people dependent on the state. It cannot last for the long term, as the state will fall apart without strong families to uphold it.

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Dan said...

The devil is hidden in many places: books, movies, TV, public restrooms. These must be monitored or banned. Many of our fellow citizens are really a demon. One test I use is to throw Holy Water on the store clerk.

William Stout said...

I couldn't agree with you more, dear lady. In our post modern world we sweep away that which has served man since time immemorial for...what? To make people feel good about themselves? To allow them access to the benefits of marriage? The reason that people marry is to create an environment for children. Two men or two women may indeed love each other, but they can never biologically procreate. This is why the institution of marriage was reserved for men and women for thousands of years. But why support marriage in the first place?
We support marriage because it is of value to the state. The family is the basic unit upon which everything else rests. Each generation builds upon what the previous generation has bequeathed them, and this is important given man's tendency to improve upon his living conditions. In America, we are poised to give our children a society that is worse off than when we inherited it from our parents. It isn't that industry has failed. It isn't that men have changed. It is because society no longer values the family as it once did.
I have witnessed gay activists speak to supporters of gay marriage and they openly admitted that they do not wish to enjoy a family life like "breeders" do. What they wish is for families to be destroyed by destroying the very concept of marriage. Selfish? Yes. Short sighted? Certainly. Mean spirited? Absolutely. But that is who the enemies of marriage are.
If one's faith in Christ is steadfast and you are opposed to gay marriage because of your faith, you are branded a bigot and a homophobe. If you opposition is well known, people who know nothing else about you will seek to destroy your life. They will try to get you terminated from your job, they will ruin your reputation if possible, they will malign your character. This is what they do with their enemies. Disagreements are no longer settled by each side arguing the merits of their cases. They are settled by the utter destruction of the person who is in opposition to your point of view. We have seen this before.
We have seen such absolutism from the Soviet Union, from the Nazis, from the Red Chinese, and from North Korea. None of whom were noted for reasoned debate or the tolerance of dissent. in truth, evil takes many forms. When evil moves, it will tolerate no dissent, it will not yield equal time, and it will not offer mercy or compassion. There is a darkness to those who freely resort to such tactics, but that is a topic that is not on point currently.
All that a good man can do currently is to stand up for what he knows is right and just. The preservation of marriage as we traditionally practice it is such a cause in my opinion. That is how my God has decreed it, and that is how I see it.

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