Saturday, May 16, 2020

Lucia No Church for YOU

We are currently at Level 2, whereby shops and swimming pools are open, we can go to cafes and restaurants (as long as our group is no larger than 10 people, but more than 10 can be in a cafe or restaurant) we can hop on public transport and sit next to someone we know or space away from people we don't know.

However, church services for more than 10 people are not allowed. No matter the size of the building nor the spacing between congregants, church cannot be trusted the way cafe patrons and public transport users are being trusted right now.

Hearing our Prime Minister justifying this the other day you'd thing church was all about 'mixing and mingling', which is what we need to avoid right now. And maybe it is for some, maybe the cups of tea and the flitting from person to person is what church is about for some after they've had their bit of prayer. But not all churches are set up this way, so it seems crazy (or is it just pure laziness?) to classify all churches as potentially hotbeds of infection due to massive social interaction.

So, my church is closed because the 10 person rule is just too restrictive, therefore no one can go in.

I don't go to church to do any mixing or mingling, I go for the Sacrifice of the Mass and when it's over, I'm out of there. Not keen on social chatting, not my thing.

I was hoping it could at least open so I could sit in a pew, with appropriate spacing in a very large building. Not like a bus where if you have 10 people in it, they'd still be closer together than in the church.

I'm thinking I might just sit outside the church, instead. Maybe others will do the same as well and gather outside their churches that they can't go into as a form of silent protest.

And if you think this doesn't affect you because you don't go to church, well then just think about what religious freedom means. It also means being free to choose your religion or being free to practice nothing.

Ending on irony: PM Jacinda Ardern turned away from full cafe before being called back

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