Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lucia Not impressed with Len Brown and wasn't to begin with

Sorry, everyone. Been unwell and needing a lot of down time. There's been too much stress on multiple fronts in real life and my personality is such that when things calm down, I need to hibernate. Also, it's been gardening month when the weather has been up for it. Who wants to blog when there's brilliant sunshine outside?

How about that Len Brown adultery thing, then? I wasn't too impressed with the man a couple of years ago when during an interview to GayNZ he told them he was a "staunch Catholic" and then a "proud Catholic". It looks like redefining the word, "Catholic", was just the beginning for him.

Is there a certain irony in Cameron Slater being the one to put all of this out in public? Yes, there is. I won't fault him for it, though. Repentant adulterers understand far more than those who are caught out and all the wannabes out there. They know what damage adultery does to the person, how it compromises them. New Zealanders have been far too soft on the private lives of politicians for far too long. We should be demanding a better class of person. How a person acts in private gives an insight as to how they make public decisions. A liar and a cheat is a bad choice as mayor. A person's private morality determines their public morality, and anyone who thinks that private and public can be separated is deceiving themselves.

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Unknown said...

Agree 100%. Also, the heralds coverage of this has been a disgrace, its all been about blame the whistleblowers, nothing to see here, move on.

bamac said...

Those responsible for reporting such matters seem to me to enjoy the muck-raking .... are their live so free of reasons not to have stones also thrown at them?

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