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Lucia Pope Francis: It’s a contradiction that a Christian is anti-Semitic: His roots are Jewish

Exactly. Our Lord was Jewish. So was his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. So were the Apostles and the first Christians. Christianity is rooted in Judaism.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday met with members of Rome’s Jewish community to mark the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the city’s Jewish population during the Nazi occupation. Among those present was the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Dr. Riccardo Di Segni, the President of the Jewish Community of Rome , Dr. Riccardo Pacifici, and the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities , Dr. Renzo Gattegna.

Pope Francis began by expressing his closeness to Rome’s Jewish community, which is the oldest in Western Europe, having a continued presence in the city of over two thousand years.

“For many centuries…the Jewish community and the Church of Rome have lived in our city, with a history - as we well know - which was often transversed by misunderstandings and even true grievances,” Pope Francis said. “However, it is a story, that with the help of God, has for many decades experienced the development of friendly and fraternal relations.”

The Pope then turned to the occasion of the visit. The deportation of over one thousand Roman Jews on October 16, 1943, during the Nazi occupation of Rome. They were sent to Auschwitz, and only 16 ever returned to the homes.

“We will remember in a few days the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews of Rome. We will remember and pray for the many innocent victims of human barbarity , for their families,” said Pope Francis.

“It will also be an opportunity to keep vigilant so that, under any pretext, any forms of intolerance and anti-Semitism in Rome and the rest of the world not come back to life,” the Holy Father said.

“I've said it other times and I would like to repeat it now: It’s a contradiction that a Christian is anti-Semitic: His roots are Jewish,” said the Pope. “A Christian cannot be anti-Semitic ! Let Anti-Semitism be banished from the heart and life of every man and every woman!”

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Anonymous said...

Full marks to the pope for stating the bleeding obvious.

Anyone who has read the bible knows that Jesus was Jewish. And anyone who has read the bible ALSO knows that Jesus' mission was to the Jews, to the circumcised, not to the Greeks, not to the Romans, not to the gentiles; just to the Jews alone. He made that quite clear to his disciples.

Furthermore, anyone who has read the bible knows that it was Paul who extended the mission outside the Jews, who in fact, decided that the Jews would never become Christians. And so Paul set out to convert the Romans, thus beginning the myth that "The Jews killed our lord", when in reality it was the Romans who carried out the execution, under Roman law. But Paul had to take the blame from the Romans if he was to gain traction with them, so he used the Jews as a scapegoat.

And the rest, as they say, is history - the Jews suffered persecution by Christians for nearly 2000 years.

It is, in fact, a misnomer to call any of your Christians, as you are not followers of Christ. You are Paulines, you follow the religion created by Paul.

ZenTiger said...

He has to state the bleeding obvious because people like you try to imply the opposite.

For God does not show favoritism.
Romans 2:11

There are many quotes to counter your statement. However, if you want to read the bible with a stone heart, there will not be much convincing.

Anonymous said...

For God does not show favouritism.
Romans 2:11

And yet, throughout your bible are examples of god showing favouritism. And some of the most despicable acts in history (if the bible can be believed) were carried out by god to reward his favourites. And, sometimes, to punish them, too.

However, if you want to read the bible with a stone heart, there will not be much convincing.

Maybe this is where you go wrong - I read with my eyes and my brain. My heart pumps the blood that keeps my eyes and brain functioning.

Are you denying the persecution of Jews by xtians?

It certainly seems so.

ZenTiger said...

Sorry to hear your record broke.

Anonymous said...

However, what is not obvious to most people is that Jewish people can be anti-christian. This is the elephant in the room. See the Jewish bolshevik massacre of Russian Christians, as one of many examples.

Unknown said...

democratically the jews chose to kill Jesus, in exchange for the freedom of barnabus. The romans choose this, not on the simple threat of another sparked rebellion. But because of the prophecy revealed in The Old testament. Jews have suffered persecution from a number of factions, not just CATHOLICS; please do not bring the actions of the catholics unto the other denominations. As well, it's now the liberals who are persecuting jews and the like... God carried out punishment to those who defied his orders! Like a father who punishes his children for doing wrong. So did God. To say the Jews were favourites is rather false - because when they defied his orders and broke his trust; he took them off their high strung stools. EXODUS 32:4-7
4 And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

5 And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, To morrow is a feast to the Lord.

6 And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play.

7 And the Lord said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves:

just as stated before, you must stop looking at the bible with a close minded stone heart, but look in a more open minded view and take into consideration the historical context of the time. For when examining the Old testament, you will find it offers a historical account of the early Israel before the occupation by Ancient Rome.

Lucia Maria said...

Michael Forde,

The Jewish membership of the Bolsheiviks has been exaggerated, mostly due to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Bolshevism was atheistic in nature, not Jewish. For more reading see: Jewish Bolshevism.

Lucia Maria said...

Nat Vanhout,

"democratically the jews chose to kill Jesus, in exchange for the freedom of barnabus."

That was the assembled crowd that wanted Jesus' blood, so not really democratic. It would be like calling a mob with pitchforks democratically representing the neighbourhood. Those not with the mob stay home, because the mob is dangerous.

Lucia Maria said...

Since this is an old thread, this is my last comment unless someone really wants to talk about something in particular.

LRO routinely spouts half-truths and rubbish. It takes time and energy to refute each claim, time and energy that I don't necessarily have right now, or have had since this post was written.

Do not take what he has written as a starting point for your own rubbish, please do some research first.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm not going to use Wikipedia as a reliable source of knowledge when it comes to anything Jewish. I was told that information by a Jewish Rabbi in Auckland, by the way, that 4 of the original politburo were Jewish, and that Judaism is very similar in nature to communism.

You may like to look up the names Sidney Shapiro and Israel Epstein, just for starters.

Someone is using the protocols as a blueprint of action, and there is definite ethnic over representation of Jews in various globalist groups/complicit media - though they are not what you would call Torah Jews. Of course, it will be the rank and file (once again) who take the brunt of the anti semitic fury. They make a great race for evil people to marry into and hide amongst, as the Chinese saying goes "The darkest place is under the lamp".

Lucia Maria said...

Michael Forde,

While you may not want to use Wikipedia as a starting point for learning more about Communism and the supposed Jewish links that have been blown way out of proportion, as is your prerogative, and while I share some of your aversion to Wikipedia as a reliable source of information, for in many cases important information about topics is left out, I do think that carte blanche disregarding Wikipedia shows a lack of investigative spirit on your part.

I don't quote Wikipedia unless I consider it to have some merit.

Communism is something I do know quite a bit about, so even if a rabbi told me that Communism was Jewish, I'd not believe him because that statement alone and my understanding of Communism do not gel.

I have had Catholics tell me that Jesus was a Socialist. Complete rubbish of course, but people get confused by focusing on just a few aspects of a thing and then declaring it to be something it is not. See my post on Confused Catholic thinks Jesus is a Socialist.

Then you get Muslims saying that Islam is a religion of peace when the evidence is to the contrary.

Karl Marx, the philosopher behind communism was Jewish by ethnicity, but he grew up Protestant Christian and then became an atheist. That does not make Marxism and all it spawned, Jewish. To be Jewish, a thing needs to continue Judaism itself, which is what Catholicism does, but not what Communism does.

Judaism itself became kind of "Protestant" millenia ago with the loss of the Temple, the Priesthood and Sacrifice, so we might be talking about two different things anyway.

Anonymous said...

Jews are a race.

Jews fear White unity and Christianity for historical reasons.

That's why Jews promote diversity in White majority nations - to reduce White power and the growth of Christianity.

If you want to test the strength of a civilization, invite the Jews to come and stay for a while.

Jews rule by divide and conquer. They have to. It is a survival strategy.

Lucia Maria said...

White Dragon,

I object to "White" being used as if it is a race and as if it deserves capitalisation. It implies racial purity, which I also object to.

If you had used "European" or "Western", I would have no problem with that aspect of your comment, for both are a state of mind and culture, and not racial.

Jews may be a race, but so what?

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