Sunday, November 24, 2013

ZenTiger Female Roast Busters

The best decisions are made after a good nights sleep
OK the heading is somewhat misleading, but now that you are here, you may as well read the post.  It isn't that long.

I saw a billboard advertisement that was supposed to be funny. Girl takes boy to a hotel room (the point of the advertisement), barely knows his name, and so uses a sticky note to remember in the morning.

We sow what we reap.

By that, I don't mean I blame the women.  I mean that sending mixed messages such as these confuses people and there are no clear boundaries being set on what is moral, and healthy.  The outcome of such promiscuity are many cases of hurt and emotional pain.  Furthermore, the Chads of this world think consent was valid even when the women can't remember his name.  If it is, that's a pretty low bar to set for future interactions.

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Psycho Milt said...

What's wrong with these morons? It's "With whom is your choice..."