Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lucia Comments are now properly functional

Whew, it looks like everything is working now!

What have I done, you ask?  Well, I've added the commenting system, Disqus to this blog.

After seeing it in action on multiple blogs, I came to like how it allowed me to keep track of commenters across numerous blogs.  Though, I seem to be one of the few people that actually follow others on it.

I also liked the ability to reply to comments directly and the voting system.  Having gotten used to voting for really good comments on some blogs, I found myself frustrated when there was no voting ability on others.

Most of all, however, I like how it's more connective.  Through being able to see the activity of commenters on other sites, it's makes blogs that use it feel less isolated from each other.

Here is my profile on Disqus. If you scroll down, you will see comments I have left on other sites as shown below:

I'm also following 10 people, and that allows me to see their comments when I go to my Dashboard. The link I've just given though, is not actually to my Dashboard, it's to the Dashboard of the person clicking on it. So if you are logged onto Disqus, you will see your own comments there and the comments of others you are following.

To follow a person, just click on their name when you see them in the comments and then click on the Follow button on their profile. As an example, here is William Stout's profile. As I wasn't following him when I took this screen shot, there was an obvious Follow button available.  Below, you can see it in grey towards the top right of the screen shot:

To log on in order to comment, just use your Google login.  Disqus accepts Google accounts, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and of course, Disqus accounts for logging in.

Here is a screen shot from the Merry Christmas thread.  I've logged out so I could show you how to log in.  Just click on the Login with the arrow just below and to the right of the space for the comment.  It will give you a number of options for logging in.  If you normally comment here easily with no problems, just choose Google and you'll be away:

Please say Hi to test it out!

6 comment(s):

Fletch said...

Oh yes, I use this on multiple sites :) Good stuff.

jonno1 said...

A big improvement Lucia, as I could never figure out how to comment on the old system, although occasionally I succeeded somehow. Not that I comment often, but I do read your blog regularly. My only gripe with Disqus is that it's slow to load (I have high-speed fibre so the problem's not at my end).

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Jonno,

Good to know you drop by regularly!

I too have found Disqus to be slow-loading sometimes, but not all of the time. I'm glad you consider it to be an improvement despite the lack of speed!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Fletch!

We need more posts, btw. Hint, hint ...

peter.ann said...

Hope that you and your families have had a blest and happy Christmas and that 2014
is full of many blessings too glad that all is going well again .

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, Mrs Mac! And to you as well!

We've had a great Christmas, though it was exhausting. I don't think I got much sleep on Christmas morning. We ended up opening the presents around 3am, after being up already for Midnight Mass. I don't think I've totally recovered from lack of sleep yet.

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