Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lucia Ukraine - More heavy weaponry being sent over the border from Russia

A 2S19 Msta, a 152mm howitzer with a maximum firing range of 29-36 kilometers

From The Interpreter (Day 183 LiveBlog):
This weapon was reportedly photographed near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, headed toward Russian Donetsk (map), the location of the Izvarino border crossing. The separatists have never acquired this weapon, to our knowledge, so if this shows up in Ukraine it will be a clear indication that Russia sent it there. It will also be a significantly dangerous addition to the separatist arsenal.

Also, something else of note that has been noticed with regards to how Russia operates:

The pattern has always been that Russia escalates its interference in Ukraine at the same time that it elevates its diplomatic overtures. If the leaders of Russia and Ukraine are scheduled to meet on August 26th, it is likely going to be a very dangerous 7 days.

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Andrei said...

Ukraine is falling apart Lucia - it has nothing to do with Russia,

Satanic evil has been unleashed upon the people it suits the evil people behind this human catastrophe to blame Russia for their crimes

This is from the far West of Ukraine, a long way from Russia

Lucia Maria said...

Ukraine is not falling apart, Andrei, she is being attacked. By Russia. It's so obvious that it's difficult for me to keep responding to your comments. It's like you live in a completely different reality.

Andrei said...

Ukraine is not falling apart, Andrei

As we speak Ukraine is shelling and bombing Donetsk (pop 1 million) and Lugansk (pop 500,000) thus destroying its most prosperous industrial region.

750,000 people have fled to Russia

It cannot pay the interest on its debt and it has lost its most lucrative export markets

The gas it needs to function has been cut off due to non payment
and the coal mines that supply its power stations are barely operating as the miners are being slaughtered and the infrastructure being destroyed by the Ukrainian army

The winter is coming

This is a Nation committing suicide

The architects of this misery need Russia to invade and Russia thus far has refused to take the bait.

Lucia Maria said...

LOL, ok, fine. Except Russia has invaded, that's why Ukraine is attacking Donetsk and Lugansk. Unbelievable.

Lucia Maria said...

The architects of this misery need Russia to invade and Russia thus far has refused to take the bait.

Russia needs to remove all her weapons and troops from Ukraine, and stop firing missiles over the border and stop interfering in Ukraine full stop.

As I said before, you are in an alternate reality.

Andrei said...

If Russia really has invaded the Donbas how does wrecking the infrastructure eg the water, sewerage, and power supplies of cities, killing grannies and children, destroying peoples homes, schools and churches etc help dislodge them?

If Russia really wanted to annex Ukraine it would have happened months ago, probably in March, and the maneuver would have been to secure the land to Dnieper River which would have taken less than a week and nobody could have stopped them.

The purpose of the mass murder in the Donbas is to outrage Russian citizens. many of whom have relatives living there so as to force Putin to act


Lucia Maria said...

War tends to be indiscriminate. Just look at what happened in Gaza.

Andrei said...

It is sad Lucia that after a decade you and I find ourselves divided over this but in a way that is because those who would create conflict find ways of dividing people of good will

But you know the reason why there is no real Polish presence in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia today is because of the rabid Ukrainian nationalists during WW2 of fought under Stephan Bandera - it was decided rightly or wrongly 70 years ago to add this area to Ukraine and to compensate Poland with land taken from Germany - Poland actually ended up bigger and German property was given to Poles who moved to these new lands

The grandsons of those who ethnically cleansed Volhynia and Eastern Galicia during WW2 are doing just the same today in the Donbas to Russians, under the same banners and slogans.

Check out the Azov Battalion - even the BBC acknowledges what they are but check it for your self without me giving you any links so you can decide for yourself.

What is happening in the Donbas is horrific - I could post images and videos that would make you weep

Ukraine could have developed as a sovereign Nation but outside interference (not Russian) and poor governance has wrecked that possibility

The borders of that part of Europe will sooner or later be redrawn, its just a matter of how much blood will be spilled in the process but it is inevitable it will happen

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