Thursday, July 18, 2013

Andrei An interesting insight from an unlikely source who doesn't understand it anyway

A civil marriage service is not a "proper wedding" which can only take place in a Church.

How do we know?

ZM’s breakfast host, Polly Gillespie has told us so

"This is a momentous occasion for New Zealand. If we went with a civil service and then a blessing in St Matthew’s as the Anglican Church has suggested, we’d effectively be saying everyone’s equal but some are more equal than others. That’s not good enough for us at ZM. We want our royal themed wedding to be a proper wedding, which means a marriage ceremony, not a blessing or anything less than that. ZM will deliver on this. We are left with no alternative but to move the ceremony elsewhere, so we’re on the hunt for another church!"

This could be a teaching opportunity for the Anglican Church on the nature of Christian marriage but given their own confusion over these matters it will be missed

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Lucia Maria said...

If they want a proper wedding, they need a bride and groom for that. Otherwise it's just a farce.

Oswald Bastable said...

Bride and groom, as in a MAN and a WOMAN. Perfectly simple, really...

I.M Fletcher said...

I believe that the term "gay marriage" is actually a contradiction in itself; like saying "dry water".
It just doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

This needs to be re-read by all who care about the preservation of Christian marriage. From the Prayer Book:

bamac said...

Thank you bnafreedom for that link not sure of others but reading theat link has done me good even after 40 odd years of marriage.... bless you.
Mrs mac

ZenTiger said...

As you point out - It's a bit of a laugh that they want a wedding in a Church, any Church, to make it seem doubt they think they can re-define religion and the ultimate purpose of a church.

"I'd like a nice wedding in a church, but don't make it too religious - this is only about form and superficial appearances."

Yes, we noticed.

bamac said...

Thought this news item in this mornings
's Herald was worth sharing

Will they start having nuptial agreements I wonder?

Mrs Mac

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