Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lucia Blog side bar update, blogs removed, blog added

Every once in a while I delete blogs from my sidebar that haven't been active for a long time. A long time being defined as anything more than eight months or so. Today's clean up removed Dad4Justice and PinkoFreeZone. If either of those blogs come back to life, please let me know and I'll add them back again.

As always, the blog list does not reflect the blog's authors' views on anything. A link to a blog does not mean endorsement of that blog. A number of the blogs on the blog list will not link to this blog for various reasons, but that does not stop me from linking to them. Kudos to the HandMirror, with whom I disagree with on just about everything, for showing me that this was possible by their own policy of linking to women bloggers, despite what they blog about.

I've also added another NZ blog to the list: Wonderful Now. The blogger reminds me of the woman in Luke 7:47.

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