Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Andrei Where does this clown think the money comes from that pays his salary

New Zealand has a large parasite class - much of it domiciled in Wellington.

Here is a prime example a Professor of Public Policy, no less

Here is an sample of his thought processes

"The current New Zealand Government, for instance, is only too eager to proclaim the virtues of our country's favourite brands - clean and green, 100 per cent pure - but the very same government is pursuing policies on multiple fronts that are making an absolute mockery of such brands," he said during a panel discussion.

"Examples include the severe weakening of the emissions trading scheme, the vigorous endorsement of onshore and offshore mining of fossil fuels with no mention of carbon capture and storage, reduced public funding for DOC, huge investments in new roads rather than public transport, the inefficient expansion of urban boundaries, and numerous proposed changes to the Resource Management Act designed to lower environmental standards, fast-track major projects and limit citizens' participatory and legal rights."

Hard tradeoffs had to be made in some cases, Boston said, acknowledging it was reasonable for people to focus on their pay packets "particularly if they're relatively modestly paid, and they don't have significant savings, and if they don't have an adequate safety net to fall back on in terms of community support through the welfare state".

A good reason for having a reasonably generous welfare state was that it provided something to fall back on when there was an intention to move people out of industries that were damagingly extractive into things that were going to be more sustainable.

I'm fairly sure that Professors of Public Policy are paid from the public purse which is kept topped up not by the tosh that Professors of Public policy produce but by the sweat of those who get up in the morning to milk the cows and those humble souls who build and maintain the roads, (roads that he decrys)that transport the milk to factories and those who work in the factories to turn the milk into cheese, butter and other products that can be sold to pay all these people and the others who are cooperating to generate the wealth that feeds this nation for their labour.

And as these people go about earning their living with honest toil they accept that some of their hard earned money will be taken in tax to pay the costs of good governance and also to keep Professors of Public Policy in the style to which they no doubt feel they are entitled

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