Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lucia Comments are down for now [UPDATE 5]

I'm changing the commenting system over to a 3rd party and have run into some trouble with it, in that what should have been a simple import and change over has not been. It did pop up briefly for me on one post and then disappear again, which is weird. I'll look at it again tonight, but in the meantime, our commenting is not quite available. Or maybe it will just start working by itself. Hopefully!

UPDATE: I've been in contact with Disqus support and they've sent me a screenshot of this post with a comment loaded in Disqus. That's the comment I made from the mobile. Apparently it's all working. I haven't had a chance to go through all their suggestions to make it work for me on my desktop, but in the meantime, if anyone out there can actually see the comments, please make a comment and let me know.

UPDATE 2: Interesting. Clearing all my cookies (after just trying the Disqus cookie) allowed me to see the comments. Logging into Google made them disappear again.

UPDATE 3: Repeating deleting my cookies now doesn't work in letting me see Disqus. I have Google two-step verification. I wonder if there's some sort of interference there.

UPDATE 4: Moving the Disqus widget to the bottom right-most column seems to have helped with showing the number of comments in each post. Not helping with showing the actual comments, however.

UPDATE 5: I think I have it working!!!! Woo Hoo!! It was a ZenTiger twitter account gadget that might have been stuffing things up. He can move it to his own page if he still wants it.

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Lucia Maria said...

We have comment syncronisation with Blogger now! Yay!

ZenTiger said...

How could something only 140 characters long have any impact? :)

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