Friday, May 16, 2014

Andrei Congratulations Hunter

Hunter Biden is a 44 year old corporate lawyer from Washington.

His father is Joe Biden the Vice President of the United States.

Hunter has just been appointed as legal director to Burisma Holdings, Ukraine's largest gas company with extensive holdings in the Donbass. Its major holdings are in the Dombass, in fact

The Dombass is 8500 Km from Washington DC following the great circle, in practical terms it is a lot further away.

This is Yulia Isotova, a 21 year old nurse from Kramatorsk, it isn't far from the Dombass, in fact is is a small village within the Dombass.

She was a nurse and because a nurse from Kramatorsk doesn't earn in a year what a corporate lawyer from Washington charges an hour she is disposable.

And disposed she has been, disposed as she set off for work last week

Who gets to control European energy supplies is important and 21 year old nurses from Kramatorsk are not.

Except to their families and God - in God we must place our hope

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