Monday, May 12, 2014

Lucia Interesting fact about where most of the weapons are in Ukraine

Soviet weapons stockpiles remain in Ukraine, where they are secured by Ukrainian armed forces. Slovyansk, where some of the deadliest clashes of the crisis have occurred, is also the location of a stockpile of some five million Soviet-era small arms, according to the British Royal United Services Institute. “The multiple seizures of government buildings in eastern Ukraine, not just in Slavyansk but also in Konstantinovka in Donetsk Oblast are aimed to make it impossible for Ukrainian forces to fully control the territory and, in effect, to cut it off from its strategic stockpile of light arms,” researchers at the institute found.

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Andrei said...

Why is Ukraine's Army So Appallingly Bad?

Lucia there are no Ukrainian forces to speak of - they are reduced to using militia recruited from street thugs with a week or so worth of military training.

The Army is not particularly loyal to the junta and are not going to attack their own citizens.

In Crimea most of the Ukrainian military opted to join the Russian military - thems the facts.

The first attack on Slavyansk they sent forces from Dnipropetrovsk. People in the street, ordinary people going about their everyday business blocked them and stopped their progress - the soldiers got out of the tanks and APCs and thought what the hell are we doing fighting our own for these people in Kiev. They handed over the hardware to the locals and some stayed to defend the city and the rest caught busses home. and thats a fact.

So now they use the militia recruited from street toughs and American Mercenaries.

The architects of this mayhem no doubt dreamed of NATO warships tying up in Sevastopol but Putin blocked that with surgical precision and these wicked people have been snookered.

Now they want to force Putin to invade so they can blame their own wickedness on him and get him snarled up in a civil war that they will continue to inflame.

This is the work of Satan himself

Andrei said...

Somebody should subtitle this and show everybody in the West what this ,man said - he is the Coup appointed Governor of Kherson and this is his Victory Day Speech at a war memorial but in part

" if you read history books, we have a number of documentaries on this, then we see that he [Hitler] first of all put forward a slogan of liberating people from the communist yoke, and liberating people from the tyrant Stalin,”

And one of Putin's little green men - actually a local woman with a baby shows what the Russian people are made of

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