Thursday, May 22, 2014

Andrei Sour Grapes

From the Los Angeles times
Russia and China signed a landmark $400-billion natural gas deal Wednesday, sealing their friendship at a time when both are unpopular in their neighborhoods and at odds with the United States.
In reality this is far bigger than an energy deal, it is a whole raft of projects and the settlements will be in Renminbi and Rubles, not dollars.

Cleverly New Zealand has already moved to settle our trade with China in Renminbi bypassing the almighty dollar.

This is the USA's bad dream, this is why Ukraine is in turmoil - an attempt to drag Russia into a war, portraying her leader as a re-incarnation of Hitler to head this off at the pass and to separate her from Europe. But Vladimir Putin has decided not to play along for now.

But the human catastrophe in Ukraine and Obama's "Pivot to Asia", talking up China as an enemy, may just have hastened this which of course has been in preparation for years.

We live in interesting times, dangerous, especially right now for Ukrainians, but interesting.

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