Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lucia Escalation in Ukraine has been happening for weeks and now the world is paying attention

Why Putin Let MH17 Get Shot Down ~ The Daily Beast

Russia has been escalating its war in Ukraine for weeks. The urgency to win turned to recklessness.

President Putin has been recklessly escalating the crisis in eastern Ukraine since he was embarrassed and outmaneuvered by the Ukrainian president three weeks ago. Allowing a passenger jet to be shot down is the act of an increasingly desperate man.

The Kremlin ordered tanks, heavy weapons and Russian fighters to pour over the border stoking up the crisis until tragedy struck. We should have seen it coming; on Wednesday morning the front page of Foreign Policy magazine had a headline that should have sent shockwaves through the geopolitical landscape: Russia Is Firing Missiles At Ukraine.

The story followed several Russian citizens posting videos to social media which they said show GRAD rockets being fired from Russian territory toward Ukraine. By triangulating the different camera angles, my team at The Interpreter proved that the unguided rockets were indeed being fired into Ukraine from Russia. Thursday morning, there were reports that a group of Ukrainian soldiers had been hit by the rocket fire and were actually receiving medical treatment on the other side of the border, ironically enough in the same town from which the rockets had been launched in the first place.

This should have been huge news. How could things in Ukraine have deteriorated to the point where Putin was now engaged in such a reckless act of aggression? Of course, it was huge news... but for only a few hours. Quickly this headline was buried under the news that another Malaysian airlines flight was missing, and evidence is steadily growing that either Russian-backed separatists or Russia itself may have fired the missile that brought it down.

Wow, like serious, wow. So much for, we are not involved in any way from Russia. Bringing down a passenger jet has just focused the attention of the world into an area where attention has not been wanted.

Meanwhile, the tinfoil hat idiot commentators on KiwiBlog go on about false-flags and various other conspiracy theories. It's like they are in a completely different reality, a invented one because they can't cope with the fact that there are evil crazy dudes in the world.

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Andrei said...

Putin eats kittens too

These are my people Lucia, they have been dying for months and nobody has noticed or given a damn but are sub human Slavs so they don't matter.

Keep believing your yellow journalism

We have seen all before and know where it ends up - that is with millions dead and wrecked and ruined countries

The war is coming the psychopaths are hell bent on it

chrisgale said...

No that is the Islamicofascist scum who base themselves in Chechnya. The entire Galacian situation is getting worse.

And none of us know who pushed the button for the airline. Yet. It will come out, but it is too early to know,

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