Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lucia Putin's "sinister, lonely life"

More than a week after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the world's attention remains focused on Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Despite his leading role on the world stage, Putin has remained much a mystery. Now, interviews with members of his inner circle, done over the course of more than three years and revealed in Newsweek's recent cover story, portray much more about the life he leads beyond the public eye, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.

In public, Putin is known for his icy stare, seemingly impenetrable, much like the life he leads.
"He doesn't talk," one interpreter told Newsweek writer Ben Judah. "He feels no need to smile."
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Philip said...

"He feels no need to smile."

Well, he does, at least, have one reason to smile. The Moscow Times reports that his approval ratings (Gallup poll) are the highest they've been since 2008.

Andrei said...

He feels no need to smile.


Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, it was a bit silly, given that there's even a smile on the one of the clips that they showed.

Andrei said...

The whole article is beyond silly Lucia

The world is in flames, an orgy of violence and innocents dying across North Africa and the Middle East as well as Ukraine.

The Government of Ukraine has collapsed - not that this is a major story in the media,the country is totally bankrupt.

Most Ukrainian industry, that which hasn't been destroyed is barely working, because it has lost access to its major markets in Russia due to the hostile stance the Government has taken to that country.

The gas which powers the country has been cut off because the gas bill hasn't been paid for seven months.

Half a million Ukrainians have fled to Russia to escape the genocidal madness that has been inflicted upon them.

A humanitarian catastrophe - the angels weep

And the story of the day is about Putin written by a third rate hack from New York?


mjaew said...

I've read all of what you have been putting up at NZ Conservative about this sad affair. I understand, although probably poorly, Lucia's point regarding Poland and the historical context there, as well as Andrei's point of view about the democratically elected Government prior to the events earlier this year. Probably I've missed something in that one sentence summary.

I can't say who I work for as that would be breaking confidentiality, but I have some exposure to Ukraine's economy before the previous President was deposed. It wasn't pretty. I've also talked to Russians and Ukrainians who work for my employer too.

I am sure both of you are also aware that it wasn't pretty either, but I am genuinely interested in whether you think things would have been better had the previous Government stayed. I guess it would have been, but sometimes the daily grind of living in such a corrupted economy doesn't make headline news but still results in a fairly awful existence.


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