Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lucia Labour wants to ban cosmetics and make all children learn Maori

I have to wonder if this is some sort of joke - the Labour Party think that banning all cosmetics that have been tested on animals is some sort of election winner. Have they forgotten being turfed out of power after trying to ban light bulbs and high volume shower heads? Many years ago I tried using more natural cosmetics, and the damn things went mouldy and gave me a skin infection. Now I stay away from them, but do prefer foundation without sunscreen, which is very difficult to find as just about all foundations have sunscreen added. And now Labour wants to take away what choice I have in the cosmetics I buy? Stuff that.

Then there's their quiet policy of compulsory Maori language for all school children. I have no problem with the Maori language being available as an elective, as it is in the college my boys go to. However, not everyone wants to learn a language, no matter the advantage, and a second language has limited advantage, unless is it one of the top three languages to learn, which are Latin, Greek followed by Hebrew. If you are going to force a second language on everyone, why not a language that is vastly superior and massively increases knowledge of our own language and culture?

Why Labour still exists as a political party when they are reduced to the above policy ideas, I just don't know.

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