Sunday, November 25, 2007

ZenTiger Labour vs Labor

Dr Michael Cullen today announced news that NZ Labour's successful policies were the obvious reason over 3,000 Kiwi's have booked return flights from Sydney this week.

Kevin Rudd issued an angry denial and argued the credit was entirely due to the Australian Labor Party.

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MK said...


You can expect the tide of Kiwis fleeing to slow down in the future, with the same bunch of socialists screwing things up over here.

Andrei said...

Well to be fair MK the ALP is probably a little to the right of the New Zealand National party.

Nick C said...

Oh dear, not a good result. It seems that you can run but you cant hide from international socialism.

Kevin Rudd completely sold out everything his party stands for to win that election, even kicking out a number of the more radical trade unionists. How long before they are back in control of the party is another question...

MK said...

No worries andrei, i don't know much about the national part in NZ, but i assure you, the ALP is definitely left. Kevin Rudd might have sold himself as a Conservative for now, but the rest of his mob are left and keep heading that way..

Andrei said...

Well MK I was being tongue in cheek - but only slightly.

I am faced with the quandary of going into the voting booth next year and regardless of how I or anybody else for that matter vote both the Labour Candidate and the National candidate will be polishing the seats of Parliament for another three years.

sigh It is just going through the motions really- they are both as bad as each other, big government liberals.

What can you do?

Anonymous said...

What can you do?

Acknowledge that yours is the view point of a tiny minority ?

ZenTiger said...

If that's the same as agreeing that the majority is not always right...well, I suppose.

Redbaiter said...

Acknowledge that yours is the view point of a tiny minority ?

..and if it was the view of the majority, it would be right? Spoken like a typically deep thinking socialist.

ZenTiger said...

And Anon - don't get too cocky with the phrase 'tiny majority'. Currently the figures are running like this:

Labor Party, 4,411,093 votes = 43.1%
Liberals, 3,687,128 votes = 36.1%
The Greens, 777,993 votes = 7.6%
National, 552,990 votes = 5.4%

The first past the post system gives them a majority of seats but you can't claim much more than that.

Psycho Milt said...

"Well to be fair MK the ALP is probably a little to the right of the New Zealand National party."

I don't think needs to be tongue-in-cheek, Andrei. Aus is a more conservative country than NZ and the parties reflect that. Labor will presumably be left of NZ National on employment law, thanks to all the unionists on board, but that'll be the extent of it.

Greg B said...

most importanntly comrade nikita of central planning is still dead.

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