Monday, April 14, 2008

ZenTiger Labour Off Key

Whale Oil has the latest video of Labour MP's singing for their supper. I don't think he created it as a satirical piece, this time I think he simply copied it second for second (other than the opening credits perhaps).

Obviously, in this music video the Labour Party are off Key. But they really need to change their tune. This stuff isn't clever, or funny, it's just painful. A FTA with China? Sounds more like a Karaoke Agreement with Japan. One we didn't need. On the bright side, the whole thing could hardly have a value of more than one dollar. Shouldn't hurt their campaign budget too much. Equally, National might want to use it in theirs? I didn't see a copyright symbol.

Whale Oil provides A link not really worth following, other than so you can warn your friends

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Who needs the Pussycat Dolls when you have the Viperous Gorgons.

Anonymous said...

who needs a narcissistic wyvern for a prime minister?

please resign helen (harry). please.

love from new zealand.

Greg said...

I get up this morning and wish it was raining heavier than is was so I can pay some tax in the next FY and hear a bunch of well-paid children singing on National Radio.

Hope they find those kids.

Murray said...

Hey Hullen, seen the polls?


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