Monday, July 28, 2014

Lucia Putin is waging war while the West is talking sanctions

While our news media is focused on a small conflict in Palestine, a far more dangerous, expanding war is being fought between Russia and Ukraine:

Staunton, July 27 – Having taken the measure of the West and found it wanting, Vladimir Putin has expanded his aggression from the military occupation of Crimea to the organization of irredentist insurgencies in eastern Ukraine to the shooting down of the Malaysian jetliner to the shelling of Ukrainian targets from the territory of the Russian Federation.

All these steps are acts of war. But in response, Western leaders have done nothing Putin cannot live with. On the one hand, the sanctions regimes they have imposed or talked about have not hurt him. Instead, they have allowed him to deflect attention from his own failures at home. And if anything, they have contributed to his popularity there.


If the West continues with economic sanctions being the only thing on the table and with those being leaky and incomplete at best as the French sales of warships to Moscow and the German purchases of Russian gas ensure that it will be, Putin thus has little reason to stop what he has doing. Indeed, he may conclude he has ever more reason to engage in aggression now.


What is Putin likely to do next? Unless the Ukrainian military is more successful than the continuing influx of Russian materiel and manpower makes likely, the Kremlin leader almost certainly will move in the coming weeks to occupy more of Ukraine. As was true with Hitler and the Sudetenland, Putin wants far more than Donetsk and Luhansk. He wants Kyiv.

Won't everyone be surprised when Kyiv, a city where mass protests against the Russian backed president who fled to Russia, "freely" vote to join Russia, ala Crimean style. Back in WWII, the Russian invaders held fake elections in Poland as well.

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Andrei said...

You are loosing the plot Lucia actually the whole world is

The Government of Ukraine has fallen. did you know that? Do you comprehend why?

Libya is in Chaos

Syria is in chaos

Mali is in Chaos

Iraq is in Chaos

Gaza is in flames.

American foreign policy is in tatters across the globe and their only response is to demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin.

It would be funny if it wasn't so darned sad

Andrei said...

I don't believe Lucia that the shooting down of NH17 right on Russia's borders as Vladimir Putin was returning from Brazil is a coincidence nor do I believe that the massive attack on Gorlovka (Horlivka) as we speak which is preventing investigators from getting to the crash site a coincidence either.

Extreme nastyness is well underway in this wicked world and Satan's servants are doing his bidding as we march towards armageddon

Lucia Maria said...

I agree it would be funny. Especially since the demonisation is so easy given that Russia has been firing over the border at the Ukrainian military. There's even a Stuff article published yesterday on it: 'Proof' Russia fired rockets into Ukraine.

The worst part of it all is that these pro-Russian separatists are regarded as heroes in Russia: In Ukraine, West's 'Terrorists' Are Russia's Heroes, which creates a bizarre situation.

Just as bizarre as you constantly trying to blame this on America when Russia is the one with troops on the ground.

Andrei said...

What proof do you have that Russia has been firing over the border? None, just loud mouth claims from the bellicose,

Lucia war is coming to Europe and the world.

Russia is doing its utmost to avoid it or at least delay it, Ukraine and its people are just a pawns in a bigger game to preserve the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency and stave off its collapse.

I have never been so frightened for the future in my life, this is sheer insanity - I actually think this is the work of the Anti Christ - it is certainly demonic in origin

For months NATO has been positioning its assets to launch an attack on Russia, you are not awake - all of this hysterical propaganda is to justify that attack

Meanwhile people in Eastern Ukraine are being killed in their own homes as their cities are destroyed in an attempt to draw Russia into the conflict and if you cannot see the sheer evil of that...........

Andrei said...

Andrei said...

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Lucia Maria said...

The Stuff article contains satellite imagery released by the US indicating rocket fire from Russia into Ukraine. According to The Interpreter, a number of Russians were the first to document this rocket fire - See Triangulation Of Videos Proves GRAD Rockets Fired Well Inside Russian Border

I'm not the one losing the plot.

Andrei said...

Do you know who is behind the interpreter? I do

You are just picking and choosing sources that confirm your prejudices. The first casualty of war is truth Lucia

The reality is there is a civil war going on in the East of Ukraine, the Government in Kiev does not control its own forces most of which are unwilling conscripts but bolstered by private armies funded by Oligarchs and mercenaries.

This is a situation that is totally out of control and many innocent people are dying in their own homes.

A humanitarian catastrophe Lucia and not one created by Russia who have been trying to find a resolution for months and having their efforts sabotaged every step of the way.

This is not about Ukraine Lucia, it is about blocking the rise of the BRICS and Eastern Ukraine has become ground zero in that endevour because it is right on the border of Russia and provides an ideal launching pad for a military attack on Southern Russia.

Do you have the courage to see what this war really looks like?

Lucia Maria said...

Yes, I do know who is behind The Interpreter. Obviously a family with an intense personal interest in exposing what is going on in Russia.

A humanitarian catastrophe Lucia and not one created by Russia who have
been trying to find a resolution for months and having their efforts
sabotaged every step of the way.

That is just crap. Russia is training, arming and actively helping the rebels and sending in military men to do the fighting. If Russia just pretended Ukraine didn't exist for a month or so and pulled out all their men, the situation would resolve itself very quickly. It's Russia's involvement that is killing people. Aided and abetted, shockingly enough, by a majority of the Russian population.

Andrei said...

Did you know that Vladimir Putin was baptised on St Michaels day?

Lucia Maria said...

I'm sure many people have been. Doesn't make any of them angels.

DrCP said...

"At Fatima, Our Lady warned that if the consecration were not done as She requested, then “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”

Any suggestion that Russia is innocent or not culpable in recent events or in the last 100 years is pure fantasy or diabolically inspired dissembling.

pmilt said...

For months NATO has been positioning its assets to launch an attack on Russia...

For what it's worth, no-one on the planet would be more surprised than me if NATO were to launch an attack on the Russian Federation. It would rank right up there with the Nazi invasion of 1941 in terms of disastrous bad decision-making, and the governments involved could expect a very short life expectancy afterwards.

Don't get me wrong - certainly I can picture the airheads providing what passes for TV news in NZ, let alone the Daily Mail, being willing to back the government against Johnny Foreigner who might have had something-no-one-can-quite-explain to do with shooting down an airliner, but most people who have a few clues would regard any western government wanting to fight a war with Russia as one that needs voting out as soon as it can be arranged.

Andrei said...

Wars start by accidents PM, politicians paint themselves into corners and have to appear tough, the language gets bellicose e.g. Putin is the new Hitler on a path to conquer Europe, people believe this crap. To appear tough ships are moved to the Baltic and Black Seas, troops are stationed in Poland and Latvia Bombers are moved to England (all this has happened already)

Then something bad happens, people have been being wound up for months and before you know what has hit you....

Remember Sarajevo 1914 - who'd of thunk before it happened

Of course there are underlying agendas behind why the politicians have been winding the people up in the lead up - in this case it is the rise of the BRICS nations and the desire for the American Elites to steal Ukraine's Gas pipeline network and gas infra structure - as well as if they could grab it having Russia's Naval Base at Sevastopol transformed into a NATO Naval base.

Putin outsmarted them over that one and they are absolutely livid over that

Andrei said...

Andrei said...

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