Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lucia Must listen: Panel Discussion on current Russian Disinformation

Joint Baltic American National Committee Conference 2015 Morning Panel
Archived JBANC panel on Kremlin propaganda and disinformation from April 18

Panelists are: Paul Goble, Christopher Walker, Jamie Kirchick, Liz Wahl, John Schindler.

I have to disagree with Jamie Kirchick that ridicule is the best counter to those who propagate disinformation in the West. Ridicule does not persuade those who are undecided, or don't know what is going on. It can enforce conformity, but not everyone is a conformist and is therefore convinced.   You can lose a lot of people by using ridicule.  Far better to directly engage with the arguments and inform of the real situation.

I really would like to write a lot more about the 72 minute talk fest above, but it would just take far too much time, and rather than post nothing, I leave it to those who want to know more about what is going on to spend the time listening as well.

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