Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lucia The Daily Vertical: The Strange Endgame In Donbas


For more than year, there's been a war in eastern Ukraine that nobody called a war. And for the past three months, there's been a cease-fire there that wasn't a cease-fire.

And now that the agreement reached in Minsk in February that was supposed to end hostilities in the Donbas is all but dead in the water, we seem to be lurching toward some kind of endgame. And it is shaping up to be as strange and counterintuitive as every other aspect of this through-the-looking-glass hybrid conflict.

This article Lose The Territory, Win The War is what is said in the You-Tube above plus lots more analysis.

Personally, I think, Russia Putin needs to be forced to repair the damage to the country of Ukraine and pay reparations to all those families, both Ukrainian and Russian, that have lost loved ones in this pointless war. Putin is worth at least $40 billion, though some think he's even richer at $200 billion, so he can afford it.

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Andrei said...

Oh fie - Lucia Maria, American Government funded propaganda

When Ukraine became independent it was the most developed and richest region in the Soviet Union and in the past twenty three years in has been led to ruin

Ukraine had the 10th largest economy in the world in 1993 and now it is devastated and not by Russia who was its biggest trading partner for the obvious reason they were part of the same country when the industrial base of Ukraine was developed, a process that began long before the Russian revolution

This article is a sign the the USA knows it has lost and is now engaged in a scorched earth policy and is intent on reducing what is left of Ukraine to rubble

It is beyond disgusting that you support this

Lucia Maria said...


American weapons are not scorching the earth in Ukraine, it's mostly Russian weapons, with some Ukrainian ones firing back. If there weren't any Russian weapons (and men) involved, this would have been all over in August last year when the Ukrainian army was driving the rebels and their Russians comrades back.

See this link, first video, where citizen investigators from various parts of the world have gathered together evidence of intense rocket fire last year originating in Russia landing in Ukrainian territory.

What I support is an end to Russian hostilities on neighbouring countries, not a constant slow escalation and constant denial. It's very cowardly.

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