Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucia The Daily Vertical: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Authorities in Krasnodar announce that they will monitor a concert by the popular musician Noize MC for extremism after the liberal-minded rapper criticized Russia's policies in Ukraine.

Local Cossacks in a St. Petersburg suburb unveil a statue depicting Vladimir Putin as a Roman emperor.

The State Duma approves legislation criminalizing "undesirable organizations."

A pro-Kremlin institute unveils a computer program that will trawl social networks in search of chatter about unauthorized protests -- and report it to the authorities.

The latest petty harassment of a socially conscious artist. Yet another cartoonish exaltation of the national leader. And the creation of a couple more blunt instruments to repress dissent.

Just another month in the brave new Russia.

I can't imagine any company in the Western world unveiling a computer program to trawl social networks to check for chatter about unauthorised protests. In fact, protests in the Western world are a part of life - there's no need for authorisation. Even if they are rent-a-mob leftists, we put up with them.

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Andrei said...

This blog has just become a repeater for American Government Propaganda

Sad, very sad.

Lucia Maria said...

Blaming all of the above on America is the real propaganda, Andrei.

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