Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lucia Proof verified by MSM as to who shot down MH17 [UPDATE 3]

An Australian journalist, Michael Usher recently traveled to Ukraine, into rebel-held territory, to look into the evidence for a Russian BUK shooting down MH17 as it flew over Ukraine.

He used information from Bellingcat, photos and geo-locations, which he verified by going to those places.  He saw exactly where the Russian BUK passed through, thus putting to bed any suggestion that it was a Ukranian BUK as asserted by Russia. He also talks to an expert as to whether the damage to the plane was from projectile (ie a Ukranian fighter plane as the Russians initially asserted) or a BUK which creates shrapnel type damage.

This 60 Minutes TV programme was screened in Australia only a few days ago and is a must watch, especially for those that are unsure as to what actually happened.  It seems the Australians will not let this go, and with good reason.

This is a new wave of internet crowd sourcing of forensic detective work backed up by the MSM.

Related link: Michael Usher travels to Ukraine to track the missile that shot down MH17

UPDATE 20/05/15: The second video (part II) has been removed from this post. That video has been taken down due to a copyright claim by Channel 9 in Australia. If the first video disappears, the videos are still available through the link related link above. I really wish media outlets such as the Australian Channel 9 would think about making it easier for bloggers to disseminate their material by providing embed links the way You Tube does.

UPDATE 2: Something I should have added to this post, so here it is. A more in depth explanation of the methods Bellingcat uses to track Russian military activity (including the shooting down of MH-17, and the firing of missiles from Russia into Ukrainian territory). It's half an hour and well worth your time if you are interested in this sort of thing...

UPDATE 3: Damn, embeded video does not work. Here's the link to the page it originated on instead. Why can't everyone just put their stuff on You-Tube where embedding always works? Note, it looks like their servers are down. Oh well, I'll just leave the post like this.

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