Sunday, February 23, 2014

Andrei Down the Rabbit hole or why Kiev will not be a good place for Gay Pride Parades any time soon

In between watching your reality shows and checking out your face book page, have you noticed that the democratically elected Government of Ukraine has taken a tumble?

Its one of those "spring" things, you know like the "Arab spring" when peace and harmony was going to break out all over the Arab world because, to paraphrase an immortal line from "Full Metal Jacket, "inside every raghead there is an American just trying to get out".

In any case Ukraine is bankrupt and to keep going they needed to borrow money - and the EU came up with a package with some very unpalatable IMF mandated strings attached but VVP, never one to miss a trick offered a better deal, more money and cheaper gas. Well what is a poor beleaguered President of a bankrupt Nation supposed to do?

He went with VVPs deal.

And a great wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard in Western Capitals.

But while not happy to invest in infrastructure in Ukraine Western Governments are happy to pour money into undermining its Government, this being their concept of "promoting democracy" which we all know is a fundamental right.

And all this "democracy promotion" is done by shadowy NGOs and TV Stations situated in Poland.

Anyway nice photogenic, educated, middle class Ukrainians were encouraged to protest their Governments actions, stirred along by visiting high profile Western Politicians
but alas things got out of hand from there.....

Because the nice photogenic types who could talk the talk and utter the buzzwords like "democracy" and "Freedom" in coherent Ukrainian accented English sentences before the cameras, were joined by the disaffected who exist in large numbers in bankrupt nations who came looking for a bit of bovver. From there it was all downhill.

But take it as read that some of the factions, even some mentioned in the more reputable analysis of these events as key players are people who would make any self respecting Liberal Democrat's hair stand on end.

Gotta go my reality cooking show is about to start.

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blairmulholland said...

It's been quite staggering to watch Western reaction to events. People who would normally be appalled that a democratically elected government was overthrown by a violent mob are instead cheering on the mob. And governments that would not hesitate to call out the army and start shooting if it happened to them, are also egging things on. I don't understand it. The only thing I can come up with is some sort of anti-Russian racist hangover from the Cold War.

Andrei said...

Yes Blair, that's why the title

This might interest you, I think you're of the Orthodox faith?

Anyway Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is according to Russian media surrounded by the mob who maybe are just looking to loot it or maybe seeking to seize it.

If true a very sinister development - I pray it is not true

Leftrightout said...

Seems its not "the mob" who have been doing the looting, its the usual suspects, those at the top.

And what bankrupted The Ukraine? The poor, or the rich prick thieves. Looks to me like the Ukranians have taken their country back from the mafia.

Andrei said...

I know that the leader of the opposition has to make do in the squalor of a $2.5 million dollar hovel in Herne Bay LRO but I understand that John Key lives in quite a nice house.

And while 10 months might seem a long time to wait if the Ukrainians had want rid of the President they could do then via the ballot box which would be the usual way to go about it in a Democracy

pmilt said...

It really is heartbreaking to see an unruly parliament allow the hoi polloi to trample through the President's extensive private estate that he paid for with, er, his own money, just because he turned snipers on protesters and killed a lot of them. Where will it end? If you start letting parliaments overrule the country's leader, what do you have but... well, the prospect of the kind of democracy that western democracies take for granted. No-one wants that, do they?

Lucia Maria said...

Who is VVP? Is that Putin?

Andrei said...

Yes - Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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