Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lucia Environmentalists and their power over land use, even if it's not theirs.

Property rights should trump lava flow (a destructive effect of nature), yet a land owner has been fined for improving his property:

The "damaged" lava flow (source NZ Herald)

Damaging a historic lava flow has cost an Epsom homeowner more than $15,000.

He was successfully prosecuted by Auckland Council after removing trees, plants and some of the historic lava flow from his property, which is part of the Almorah lava forest, an area of ecological significance protected under the Auckland District Plan.

The forest is on Maungawhau, or Mt Eden, and comprises tracts of native bush.

The fine followed a complaint from a member of the public, which prompted enforcement staff from Auckland council's resource consent team to visit the site near Mt Eden.

This is just a sign of the growing pantheism of the environmental movement, that holds "Nature" as sacred, and disallows anything that interferes with what "Nature" does.

In England, this pantheist environmentalism is being blamed for the recent devastating floods, whereby rivers that should be dredged have been left to fill with silt, despite the danger to properties nearby:

The present crisis has exposed how parts of the agency, working in league with the European Union, have not only attached greater importance to wildlife than to humans, but have actually encouraged flooding through their belief in theories dreamt up by zealous environmentalists.

For centuries, it was common knowledge that land below sea level — like the farms and villages in the Somerset Levels — had to be managed through networks of drains, pumping stations and ditches, all of them regularly cleaned and maintained.

But that wisdom was overturned by these environmentalists, who wanted to see land returned to its primordial state to promote ‘biodiversity’.

Idiotic. But more fool those who can't see this sort of environmentalism as a resurgent pagan religion that will gain more and more power as Christianity retreats in the Western world.

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