Friday, February 14, 2014

Fletch The War On Sugar

Judge Dredd © 2000AD, 1981 Sci-Fi Special
More in the NZ Herald today regarding the proposed taxing (and eventual banning) of fizzy drinks. They say that Otago and Auckland Universities have done a study, and that putting a 20% tax on fizzy drinks will "save 67 lives a year". How they know this, it is hard to tell. According to an earlier article, this particular group of scientists also want to have fizzy drinks banned by the year 2025.

That reminded me of a Judge Dredd story (click image to enlarge select panels), where sugar is banned in the future (1999, as the story goes, but it was written in 1981).

I wonder what they will try and ban after that? Hamburgers? Lollies? Biscuits? Or will everything be pumped full of artificial sweetener?

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pmilt said...

I always enjoyed the Judge Dredd stories about sugar being illegal. At the time it was a clever satire highlighting the idiocy of the "war on drugs," but these days it looks in danger of becoming a documentary.

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