Monday, February 3, 2014

Andrei Progressive's daughter gets lesson in progressive's  important life skills

The most important thing a young progressive has learn about living life as a progressive is that if the world does not conform to the way you want it to be then you must whine about it and keep on whining until you have ground everybody down and you get what you want.

And like any toddler who gets what they want by whining once given it they don't want it any more and move onto the next thing to whine about.

Whining is the greatest life skill that any progressive needs.

So it is heartening to see a letter from a seven year old girl whining about lego

Seven year-old Charlotte Benjamin is sick to death of playing with the girl Lego. In a strongly worded letter to the company, Lego fan Benjamin set out her list of complaints.

"I am 7 years old and I love legos but I don't like that there are more Lego boy people and barely any Lego girls," she writes.

Benjamin is also bored of having to play with pink lego and all the dull things that the girl Lego are left to do.

Of course any kid in a non progressive household with a half decent imagination will press any other toy or even things like cloths pegs into their game for service as the missing component - my kids did this all the time, of course.

But this is not the way the progressive mind works, people must be made to jump through hoops to give you what you want NOW!

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Tess said...

I saw a consume who was telling a company what she wants. It's not progressive whining at all.

Andrei said...

Have you got children Tess?

Mine have grown but I can tell you that that letter is almost certainly an adult imprinting their views on a youngster.

We had lego of course and it was never used in isolation but pressed into service to provide things like a table for a dolls tea party, a station for a toy train. a fort for plastic soldiers, a palace for a McDonald's princess and so forth - lego tecnics was different, my son got into that in his early teenage years, the girls were never interested in it, they had well outgrown lego long before.

We got a new dishwasher once and the box it came in - well you'ld think it was the bestest toy ever while it lasted -hours and hours of fun.

And that's a thing most people learn when they have lots of kids - the fancy expensive toys in the toy store quite often do not stimulate the young for long while the simplest of simple things can and do.

And legos real virtue as a toy is that it can be pressed into service in all sorts of ways by an imaginative child with whatever else is at hand.

Tess said...

Yeah I do have kids, quite a few in fact :)

I know the letter is a wee one parroting her parents, I get that. And I get the manipulation of getting a wee girl to write rather than their parents, but... the new girls Lego is terribly sexist. It's all big hair and baking. I'm actually a fan of the old Lego which was just basic coloured blocks and very much unisex, but the latest stuff is pretty much plugged at boys, like the Ninjago stuff.

Thing is though, if business wants customers they have to sell what people want to buy. Consumers can tell companies what they want and that isn't whining, it's business.

As a woman growing up in the 70s and 80s we were told that girls could do anything. Now girls are expected to pretty and "hot". Look at the Monster High dolls, or the Bratzillaz dolls. It's all long legs, shirt skirts and hot lips. Girls need quality toys that they can use for pretend games and role playing where they don't have to be "sexy".

Andrei said...

the new girls Lego is terribly sexist. It's all big hair and baking.

No its not sexist - Lego is in the business of making money and before the put stuff on the market they try it out with real little girls and little boys and based on how it is used, what is selected and what isn't the sets are refined to make them most appealing to the age and sex of the children who are the target market.

Personally the best value for money in the lego line are the buckets of bricks, rather than the sets.

Same with the dolls you don't like - Barbie dolls have been around fifty+ years and that is because little girls like them and that's a fact. All my girls loved them and so did their friends, and had hours and hours of pleasure from them

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