Sunday, February 9, 2014

ZenTiger Should we boycott the Olympic Games?

I thought about it, and the opportunity was missed at Beijing in 2008.

So, Boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics? No, I think not.

The Gay Lobby deserves a gold medal though for flexing it's powerful muscles and making the western world put aside its deeper concerns of serious human rights abuses around the world to focus on the right to move the age of consent from 17 to age 11 when it comes to older people talking sex and sexuality to pre-teens. It has made even the recent draconian and disturbing law changes criminalizing homosexuality in several countries fade into apparent insignificance.  One can only admire the political power they wield over the western media, world leaders, and ultimately, the locker room conversations to set the agenda so.

The modern moral crusader is a very different beast to 10 years ago when we were chanting "no drugs", and 30 years ago when we were chanting "bring down the wall" and 40 years ago when we were chanting "no more wars", all the way back to Roman times when we were chanting "throw the Christians to the lions". Well, at least some things never change.

Should we be worried about security at the Olympics though? Muslim fundamental extremists (the combination of fundamentalism and extremism being a code phrase for "terrorist") have threatened violence, and such threats need to be taken seriously. Fair chance therefore that there may be trouble. With the surplus of Russian forces loitering in the streets and probably under white blankets on the slopes, that after any such terrorist acts, the suspects will be too dead to be brought to trial. Even so, that wouldn't mean the damage can be undone, and competitors and spectators alike, all a mix of gay, straight, eastern and western, northern and southern but probably not from the middlern, could all be blown apart, and that, unfortunately might underscore pressing concerns we might best have focused our attention on.

Although maybe the danger is simply the landscape. This link discusses the dangers of the fast and treacherous downhill run: Sochi course could kill. Good luck to all the competitors. I'm glad the boycott has not gone ahead and all that training you've done is not wasted. Enjoy the experience no matter the outcome. Good luck!

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