Saturday, September 27, 2014

ZenTiger 101 uses for euthanasia

Next man makes a move, the nigger gets it!
A rapist and murder sentenced to jail time has decided euthanasia is a better way to pass the time:

Finally Van Den Bleeken had enough of the red tape and three years ago he applied for euthanasia. "If people commit a sexual crime, help them to deal with it," he said. "Just locking them up helps no one: not the person, not society and not the victims. I am a human being, and regardless of what I’ve done, I remain a human being. So, yes, give me euthanasia."
His request has been accepted, so his mortal coil will be shuffled off.

Ironically, capital punishment was abolished in Belgium in 1966. Nevertheless, the criminal can insist on the State carrying out Capital Punishment in spite of it being against the law.  Yes, I can see the difference.  It's still ironic.

His crimes cannot be wiped, and even being held accountable and responsible for his crimes is something the criminal can decline.

Come see the subtle shift in societal values.Come see the slippery slope.

Mecatornet: Imprisonment until death do us part

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Paul Scott said...

Sounds like a Leonardo de Crapio movie
I read in Norman Mailer’s book, ‘The executioner’s song ‘ about the robber murderer, Gary
Gilmore, who came to detest himself , and requested the death penalty be carried out. They would not do it of course until all the cream cake wimps gave up.
Over at the Conservative blog ‘ America Thinker’ is criticism of the expensive program of harassing Islam terrorists killers.

Apparently the West in spending hundreds of millions of dollars to : reduce the Islam onslaught : bomb some buildings : waste tax payer money :send money to selected terrorists.

American thinker said he wanted to see acres of dead Isis bodies. There is no compromise ,
It took me many years to come to terms with the Truman bomb that ended the Japanese war.

It ended the madness of the Emperor. And then Japan became powerful.

The war over there can only be won by the established Arab states Saudi Arabia, and allies , but it must be massive. Spending hundreds of millions to take out chicken coops is the Obama
legacy. And can you imagine, telling people, we will solve this with selected air strikes on buildings, we will wear them down, I am speaking to you now from the oval office , we will
not tolerate this, there will be resistance

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