Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lucia NZ Russian man wounded in Ukraine - who is he?

Is New Zealand embarrassed that one of our own country men was off in Ukraine, fighting with the pro-Russian separatists, and is now back being treated for a gunshot wound and concussion? What if he had come back from Iraq after being wounded by fighting for ISIS? Maybe that wouldn't be a big deal either.

From Stuff:

A New Zealand Russian has been wounded fighting in Ukraine, community sources say.

The man, who has flown from the conflict wounded is being treated by the New Zealand health services.

Sources say he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and concussion after a firefight in eastern Ukraine.

He had left New Zealand several months ago to fight with the Russian-backed separatists, which are trying to break away from the Kiev government to create separate states, or to join Russia.

"His wounds are not difficult, he was hurt by gunfire in Ukraine," a source said.

Leading members of the Russian community in Auckland were angry at attempts to contact the wounded man.

Let them be angry. Anyone who goes overseas to fight in other countries outside of the normal NZ military should answer as to their actions.  Was he trained in Russia before being sent to Ukraine, as Anton Shekhovtsov alleges French extremists who headed off to fight for the Russians were?  I suppose his answers would make it difficult to deny that this is a Russian invasion, maybe that's why the "leading members" were angry.  And how many others are over there from this country?

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Maxim Vladimirovich said...

I wouldn't put Russians and ISIS islamic extremists into one side

pmilt said...

It doesn't embarrass me, because this "New Zealand Russian" isn't one of my countrymen. NZers don't care enough about this conflict to go and fight for one side or the other - in going to fight, this guy declared himself a Russian who happens to live in NZ.

Maria said...

I have had the impression from the media, including a report in Estonia when Obama visited...that there are Russians who live in all sorts of parts of Eastern Europe...rather like New Zealanders in Australia...that sort of thing. He might be Russian but connected with the Donetsk region or some such which to him is 'home'.

rivoniaboy said...

Ask Nicky Hager!

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