Sunday, September 21, 2014

ZenTiger Elections and the Media

In the inevitable post election analysis, seems to me the mainly left leaning media are the ones most shocked at the result.

For some strange reason, the hundreds of hours spent on Hager's Dirty Politics and Kim Dot Com's spying revelations and various other side issues, National still came in on top.

The question the media could consider in their election analysis was did National win in spite of the media frenzy, or because of the media frenzy?

If the latter, then they need to consider how to become something more than print bloggers.

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Angry Tory said...

Or to put it much more succinctly: Whaleoil IS "mainstream NZ". And in spite of Aunty Hellen --- who it turns out for the first six years was a National PM in drag anyway --- NZ's "natural party of government" has been and remains National since 1936.

The real surprise would have been any other result: in retrospect Phill Goff did pretty well last time around, and Hellen was nearly beaten by Brash and was chopped sharply after bringing in non-National policy (WFF, student loans).

The big question for Key, English, Joyce, Basher Bennet, etc is: for how much longer will NZ keep those big-spending Labour welfare policies, clearly against the wishes of the 63% of the electorate that voted to the left of Labour?

ZenTiger said...

Gee, I really hope Whaleoil isn't "mainstream NZ". I view him more like a popular TV show that is crass, provocative, crude but somewhat entertaining. The audience might not share the same values as the protagonist, but they get a kick out of watching the drama unfold.

I'd probably read Whaleoil more, but I came across the TV series "Walking Dead" and that works for me.

CoNZervative said...

Hey Gang of Good people. We're back online...

the conservative said...

"did National win in spite of the media frenzy, or because of the media frenzy?"

The latter, Zen

Warren Tooley said...

I think because of it. We all expected National to get hammered by Kim Dotcom's allegations. When it was proved to be nothing but hot air, we thought maybe what Nicky said is all hot air. If Kim Dotcom hadn't faulted, National would need a little help.

Paul Scott said...

The reason the derelict left / soup in head socialists lost is the same reason they will lose next time. Nobody wants Socialism or 1950's unions ruling our Country again. Ever. Not ever.
At any time during the election, average Jo was sickened by the criminals, and homosexuals of the left from overseas, telling us about our values. And our very own ferret trying to take our Country.
The left is splintering now.
What is important is how the ordinary New Zealander directs Government for the next decade.

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