Monday, September 29, 2014

Lucia Lenin Statue knocked over in Kharkiv

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Andrei said...

Once upon a time there was the a country called the USSR.

The richest and most developed part of the USSR with much of its heavy and high tech industry was a region called the Ukrainian SSR.

In the seventy years the USSR existed the Ukrainian SSR provided much of the leadership of the USSR including three of the Nation's heads of State who between them held the reins of power for most of the USSR's existence

Then communism fell and the Ukrainian SSR declared itself independent of the successor state that emerged becoming Ukraine

And 23 years, two color revolutions later later those rich, developed and prosperous lands have been transformed into the poorest part of Europe, a European Somalia if you will.

Its a tragedy really

Postscript: If you go down to your local library and open an Atlas you will see the city in which these events took place has been known in English as Kharkov and has always been known this way. The eccentric spelling used in this post only started appearing about 18 months ago as history was being rewritten and revised by the architects of this humanitarian catastrophe as they set about destroying forever the country known as Ukraine

Lucia Maria said...

It would be recoverable if Russia left Ukraine, paid reparations for the damage done to date, and promised to never invade again. In the meantime, Ukraine could go about peacefully fixing up it's internal problems that stem from the powerful siphoning off all the cash.

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