Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lucia John Key inconsistent

John Key speaking at the Big Gay Out

John Key's position on redefining marriage is inconsistent.

Is he acting as Prime Minister, or as an elected member with his own conscience?

If, as Prime Minister, he thinks that marriage should be completely redefined, then why doesn't the Government put forward a bill to that effect?

John Key is obviously not acting as an electorate MP, as he is saying that the views of his Helensville electorate most likely not change how he's going to vote. These voters are basically going to be unrepresented when it comes to this major change to a fundamental institution of society, which is something they should think about future elections when voting.

John Key seems to want to act as an elected member with his own conscience, but wanting his Helensville electorate constituents to see him as acting as Prime Minister, therefore not being beholden to their views. However, he's not acting as Prime Minister, because his party's policy has never been to redefine marriage. The definition of marriage bill is an opposition bill that was drawn from a hat!

It seems John Key is hoping that different people will interpret his position on this bill in different ways, thinking that no one is going to notice that his position is not consistent.

If he's Prime Minister, he shouldn't support an opposition bill that goes against what most people who voted for National expected. If he's not Prime Minister however, for the purposes of this bill, he should stop trying to influence others based on his position! Make it clear that he is voting according to his own conscience, and every other elected National MP will do the same.

I wish I could find a quote with John Key saying he's acting as Prime Minister in this case and not an electorate MP. I've heard him say it on the radio, but I'll be darned if I can find it again!

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dad4justice said...

John Key is pathetic.

Lucia Maria said...

I don't think so, Dad.

I think that in this case, John Key is just going with the flow, because he hasn't taken the time to personally investigate all the counter arguments. His influence exceeds his interest, in Dale Carnegie speak.

Chris Sullivan said...

I wonder if John Key's position is influenced by what political capital he thinks he can get out of it ? When Labour was in power, Key opposed Civil Unions. Now it appears he thinks that supporting gay marriage will win him the "gay vote". At the very least, his flip-flopping seems to lack consistency.

I think Key's in for an unpleasant surprise from previous National voters who may well look for some other party to vote for in the next election.

Not to mention the divisions in his own party - I was talking to Ken Orr recently , who spends a lot of time lobbying MPs, and he said that the current National MPs are actually quite conservative.

God Bless

JJ said...

That picture... makes a complete mockery of the position of prime minister. I wonder if he knows it. Probably not. Or more likely he just doesn't care...

Lucia Maria said...


It's not as bad as this one from 2010: John Key and Big Gay Out


National's MPs need to grow some backbone, then. Last poll of how they would vote showed most of them undecided. The only ones that were decided were those who had decided to vote for a redefinition.

dad4justice said...

As I said National and John Key are pathetic. Anybody with a clue thinks so. It's all such a big blue fag sick joke.Liarbore or the Maggie party or utopia green freakshow!!!


Fact. End of story kiwi dumbo.

When will a REAL leader stand up?

dad4justice said...

Oh so sorry maggie was the greedy maori party who should be not concerned about fags and smokes but child abuse before Chris Kahui smacks more bablies on a head with a hammer!!

dad4justice said...

Oh so sorry bablies was meant to read babies but ask the dumb keystone cops and the maori minister why NO CONVICTION?


dad4justice said...

Maybe NZ should have a big grey out.


Gold Medal kiwi = CHILD ABUSE.

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