Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lucia Teacher suspended by Catholic school over same-sex marriage

A teacher was suspended by a Catholic school over the same-sex marriage bill that passed it's first reading last night. It's the type of event that would have passed unnoticed, had not the issue at hand been so polarising. And add the word Catholic to the mix, and there's a story that the media have taken up with interest, because the teacher suspended was siding with pupils who took the pro-same-sex marriage position.

Students who organised a Facebook page [against the principal's and the Catholic position] were allegedly threatened and Studdart [the suspended teacher], who took up their cause, has been suspended and could lose his job.

Studdart said the principal "took the page down and basically frightened a student into doing it which I think is awful".

Fun and games.

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Andrei said...

Satan never misses a tick

I.M Fletcher said...

I saw the story on Close Up last night. They inrterviewed come little idiot schoolboy who had recently left the school - asked his opinion.
Another of the brainwashed young.

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