Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucia Same-sex marriage causing Labour breakup

There's most likely a very good reason why previous Prime Minister, Helen Clark, didn't go all the way to Same-sex Marriage and just stopped with Civil Unions. Looks like Louisa Wall and Co. will find out what this reason was the hard way.

The gay marriage bill has started to tear the Labour Party to pieces.

Labour's Mangere MP Sua William Sio has basically called for a divorce from the bill, saying it should be withdrawn - because it could cost the party the next election.

Yes, that's right - Sio says the bill could cost Labour an election.

And you can't really fault Sua's logic: he says it will wipe out the Pacific vote in South Auckland - that's Labour's heartland, that's where it wins elections.

Labour's not likely to have won the next election anyway. But this won't help.

It conjures up all the images of a Labour Party obsessed by so-called "social engineering" like anti-smacking rather than issues like jobs and wages.

No wonder John Key is voting for it - it's causing Labour many more problems than it's causing National.

It also conjures up a reminder of a weak, lily livered National, unable to stop the same type of social engineering such as anti-smacking. NZ votes out the social engineering party, and they still pop up with social engineering bills that the new Prime Minister even supports! And we voted for him, why?

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