Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lucia Why is an opposition bill gaining such traction? [UPDATE]

You'd almost be forgiven for thinking that Labour still ran the country!

I should be amazed that a bill from the Opposition is getting such traction with the Prime Minister and the Government. I'm not,however, since liberalism of this type is an infectious mind virus and unless a person has a very good grounding in who they are and why they do things, they'll be swayed by the slightest apparently favourable wind, which in this case seems to be following along in the footsteps of David Cameron and Barak Obama. Both of whom have not enacted same-sex marriage in their respective countries, but, they're working on it and we always like jumping the gun and being first, just like with the fantastic emissions trading scheme that we have going that most of the world are slacking in implementing. But nevermind!

The last time a bill from the Opposition was taken up in this way by the Government, thus allowing it to pass with a slim majority was, when? If anyone can think of a time when such a thing happened, please let me know.

That infamous Repeal of S59, aka the anti-smacking bill, under the last Labour Government, must have paved the way for John Key to get himself used to going along with Labour social engineering initiatives. National seems to have no social engineering ideas of its own, beyond crushing cars and sending beneficiaries out to work and riling up school-teachers and potentially the lowering age at which people can buy alcohol; all just mere tinkering around the edges, so they need all the help they can get. And there Labour is, chomping at the bit to get back into power, but in the meantime able to, like the evil undead that cannot be killed, rise up out of the grave and enact their social change policies anyway. It's just bizarre and frankly, very disturbing.

UPDATE: coNZervative has a sort of answer - Political Gay Lobby Tactics Exposed (how to manipulate the public)

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Chris Sullivan said...

And what of John Banks abandoning his Christian faith to vote for same sex marriage, apparently for ACT party political expediency ?

Or National MP Maurice Williamson ditching any sense of social responsibility or concern for the common good an advocating extreme libertarian views such as allowing people to marry their dogs ?

The abject surrender of MPs who ought to know a lot better is shameful.

God Bless

Lucia Maria said...

I agree, Chris. I prayed for all of them today at Mass, for the grace to know what is right rather than fear of public and lobby opinion.

Psycho Milt said...

It's not an Opposition bill, it's a Private Member's bill, ie the proposal of an individual MP rather than a party. For that reason, it's not a matter of party politics and you need look no further than that for the reason the govt is leaving it up to individual MPs.

The S59 repeal bill was a far more shameful affair, because the then-govt did make it a party political issue. It was wrong then and it would be equally wrong now.

Lucia Maria said...


That's just semantics. How else do the Opposition get bills in?

LiberalLeftie said...

It's called democracy. If you don't like it then you can go to a country without it. Hell, I'm sure there'd be a large number of people willing to fund your departure

Draco TB said...

National seems to have no social engineering ideas of its own…

Yeah they do. They've made the rich richer and the poor poorer as the studies have shown and which is their primary goal.

ZenTiger said...

"It's called democracy. If you don't like it then you can go to a country without it. "

Ouch. There's also the bit about democracy where we get to question and critique just how democratic or undemocratic things are.

You seem to be offended at receiving that critique. Do we check with you if we are allowed to critique MMP, or contrast direct democracy against representative democracy? Are we allowed to talk about consideration of an upper and lower house, republicanism, the role of the Privy Council and other aspects of our democracy?

rivoniaboy said...

LiberalLeftie why don't you put your hand in your own pocket and offer to fund the departure of those you hold different views to you.Oh, I forgot you socialists are adept at stealing and spending other peoples money. Stop expecting others to do your dirty work for you.
I know your type, too chickenshit to do the lynching yourself.
I hate your arrogant tendecy to frame ideological dissent as grounds for people to be told to go and live somewhere else.
You liberal lefties don't know how to spell Democracy let alone preach about it.Now get off my lawn.

dad4justice said...

Is a Liberal lefty a person like John Key or John Banks.

What a fag out country run by wimpish jellyfish.

JJ said...

There is no conservative party in NZ.

Lucia Maria said...


Ultimately a conservative party will not help - we need people of integrity and principles and upright morals in Parliament. With years of being told that a politician's private life has no bearing on their ability to make good decisions (yeah, right), we seem to have a pretty poor bunch there right now.

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