Friday, November 30, 2012

Lucia Greens wouldn't recongise evil if they tripped over it

The Greens think that the Government's proposed legislation to limit councils to funding only core services is "evil".

Green MP Denise Roache told the House that it is evil for the Government to be revoking councils' legal responsibility to ensure the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of their ratepayers.

Sorry, no. How the government is organised in New Zealand, when it doesn't suit the Green's ideas of how it should be, is not evil. I wouldn't trust the Greens to identify real evil if they tripped over it. Especially evil dressed up as good, such as what is happening in Britain with regards to dehydrating even child patients to death:

Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’.

Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults.

But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies.

One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone.

Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’.

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macdoctor said...

Frankly, I'm horrified. The Liverpool pathway has absolutely no scientific validity in children, let alone moral validity. It is unconscionable to use such a wildly inappropriate tool in such a fashion. It is like using a standard eye chart to test a three year old's vision and assuming the child is blind because he can't tell you the top letter is "A".

Libertyscott said...

Denise is wrong, because Councils did not have a legal responsibility regarding the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of "ratepayers" but rather "communities".

Ratepayers are there to be fleeced, but communities makes any decision deemed to be about the "greater good" to be good. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all, and almost every demagogue in history did so shouting loudly that he was doing it "for the people".

The Greens think people and communities can and should always express what they want, not as individuals making choices, but participating in groups making collective decisions imposed by force. So that "the community" can crush the individual who doesn't think right, who doesn't fit in, and doesn't want what the council believes is in the greater good.

Control freaks, the lot of them

KG said...

What Liberty Scott said. Exactly.

TimH said...

Yep, Libertyscot makes a good point. In agreeing though, I wouldn't like to imply a particular political affiliation. Denise's idea would be more convincing if it was made by someone who wasn't an MP or a Green MP.

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