Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lucia How Obama won re-election, from the New York Times

I keep hearing on the radio that Romney didn't win in the US because the votes are in the middle, and he was too far to the right. Especially those talking heads yesterday would bring this nugget of wisdom up, a nugget that strikes some sort of chord here in NZ. Though, I think it's more a way of forcing politicians to stay left since we are really a leftist country by telling them what they should do to stay onside with the media.

Anyway, the New York Times has a chart showing how in this latest election, the United States has moved more right, just not enough. The graphic of moving dots is cool. If Romney had done what the leftists wanted him to do, I doubt he would have got as many votes, as the point of difference would have been far less.

Go and have look: How Obama Won Re-election ~ New York Times

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MathewK said...

It wouldn't have mattered if he moved to the left, they wouldn't trust him to continue the freebies that obama gave them and promised more of.

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