Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lucia Homofascism in action - is Sir Ian McKellen on the case yet?

Well, NZ Prime Minister, John Key, has caused quite a stir by saying that a red top a radio announcer was wearing was "gay".  An internationalout cry, hot on the heels of the unfortunate David Beckham comment. Even prominent same-sex attracted, Sir Ian McKellen, has called for John Key to be careful about what he says.
"Mr Key should watch his language," he said.

"I'm currently touring secondary schools in UK, attacking homophobia in the playground and discouraging kids from the careless use of 'gay' which might make their gay friends (and teachers) feel less about themselves.

"So even as he supports the proposal to introduce same-gender marriages in New Zealand, I do hope John Key listens to his critics and appreciates their concern. Careless talk damages lives," he said.

Sir Ian is very much against the word "gay" being used in negative way, as it may make others feel less about themselves. It's a pity he's not also going around trying to stamp out the word "bigot", which is bandied around with gay abandon and seems perfectly acceptable to some of those who might object to "gay". After all careless talk does damage lives, and calling someone a bigot just because they have a religious objection to same-sex marriage and same-sex activity doesn't mean you can just call them hurtful names.

Speaking of which, Stonewall, a group that promotes issues around same-sex attraction has handed out a "Bigot of the Year" award to a Scottish Catholic Cardinal for his opposition to same-sex marriage.

EDINBURGH, November 5, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Christian believers and others in Britain are expressing outrage after the country’s leading homosexualist lobby group declared the Cardinal Archbishop of Edinburgh, Keith O’Brien, “Bigot of the Year” for his opposition to “gay marriage”. While Stonewall and some others continue to defend the award category, even some of the group’s greatest supporters have criticized it, saying the designation damages their own cause.

Gerald Warner, a Catholic journalist and sometime policy advisor to the Scottish Conservative party, called the award a sign that the homosexualist movement is sinking further into “homofascism”. He told LifeSiteNews.com, “How would the politically correct media respond if the most prominent Catholic pressure group in Britain last night voted Ben Summerskill, of Stonewall, ‘Weirdo of the Year’? We all know the answer.

I think Sir Ian really needs to get onto Stonewall for their inappropriate award, which could be very hurtful to the Cardinal and might very well make him feel less about himself.  Once he's finished sorting John Key out, that is.

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Duncan Brown said...

Sir Ian needs to remind himself that the English language is still developing. I can remember when gay meant being merry or lively, or bright and cheery, until the homosexual community claimed the word for themselves. It's interesting to note that dictionary.com has 5 meanings for the word, the first is homosexual, the 5th is awkward or stupid. I also note it means 'lame', another slang, which I'm sure might be ofensive to some. Like it or not, the language is changing. Even a brief perusal of urbandictionary.com has surprisd me how much modern culture has messed with the language. If we can't use gay in the context of 'weird' perhaps to be consistent we should also ban its use in relation to homosexual.
There are a couple of more important issues:
Why are our media - and other politicians - so obsessed with trivia. Who benefits if the target of the day is worn down by the endless questions of little merit?
And should we not rather look at the context of the comment? I watched the video and it was just silliness and fun, and in no way a jibe against homosexuals. If people think JK was just being too silly, or too off-hand, let's talk about that, but we should not waste valuable media question-time with point-scoring about non-issues.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Duncan,

Yes, the language is changing, however I can see Sir Ian's point. I just wish that he and people like him would see the converse and not be so ready to pounce on the slightest infraction.

I agree, it's trivia, but oh does that trivia gain attention!

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