Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lucia Sex abuse inquiry in Australia

A policeman whistle blower thinks his career prospects are over, given what he's been telling the media on sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Australia, and now there is going to be a royal commission of inquiry. However, given the allegations in the media of Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, there is this feeling that the Catholic Church is being singled out.

SYDNEY — The Church should not be made the scapegoat in an Australian inquiry into child sex abuse, the country's most senior Catholic cleric said Tuesday as victims welcomed the paedophilia probe.

Cardinal Archbishop George Pell (source: 3 News)
Prime Minister Julia Gillard ended more than a decade of growing pressure by ordering a royal commission on Monday to investigate the responses of all religious organisations, schools and state care to allegations of abuse.

Sydney Archbishop George Pell said he welcomed the inquiry, which will also examine the responses of not-for-profit organisations and the police, as an opportunity to help victims, "clear the air" and "separate fact from fiction".

"We are not interested in denying the extent of misdoing in the Catholic Church," he told a press conference.

"We object to it being exaggerated, we object to being described as the only cab on the rank. I don't think we should be scapegoated."

The Church will be scapegoated, however. It's normal, it happened to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and it's something we need to get used to, it's something we have to live with. The good will be scapegoated for the sins of the evil.  Having listened to a lot of Fulton Sheen explaining the role of the priest as priest AND VICTIM, this scapegoating will be part of the offering to the Father for the sins of the priesthood and of the world. (See Jesus Christ: Priest and Victim by Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins). It's the price that needs to be paid in order that the heinous crime of sexual molestation of children be dealt with properly, otherwise the relentless sexual revolutionary march will continue, and it's a small price to pay in the scheme of things.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim (picture found on the blog of Fr Stephen Smuts)

If it weren't for the desire to discredit the priesthood by pointing out the sins of some priests, many of which happened decades ago, then maybe we would be further down the track with regards to paedophile political parties, and government encouragement of the sexualisation of infants. There are still conferences being held on how to change perception of the population of paedophiles to "minor attracted persons", the new "orientation" that they feel needs to gain acceptance, and mainstream pornography that promotes the sexual abuse of children is being viewed by millions every day.

There's a lot going on in society that has been increasing child sexual abuse over the years and minimising it's impact on children.  The attack on the priesthood may turn that around in regards to the attitude of people towards sexual abuse of children, but there is a lot of work to be done.  So many are very attached to their pornography and fight tooth and nail to prevent any restrictions on it at all, and that's where we need to start if we are serious about protecting children, by stopping the fuel that feeds the fire.

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Right Wing Theocrat said...

It's a bit of a get-square with the Catholic church, we got the mealy-mouthed piffle about it not targeting them, but i'm 100% sure that it's only about the church and also painting the Conservatives are pedophiles. Yes, the left in this country will stoop that low.

The proof you may well ask - this inquiry will give next to no attention to the rampant abuse of children in aboriginal communities. Can't bring themselves to shatter their fantasies of noble savages you see.

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, that's very plain. See today's post on Confession.

BEEJILLS said...

Hello Lucia,

I have completed a major novel: "Cardinal Sins"
and will be publishing it probably via Kindle E-Books by January 31st 2013.Would you like to read it?

The novel is a story about a
young woman who is forced to deny
key elements of her faith.

As a former altar boy and one who is
proud of his faith I have insight.

There are dark moments in the novel and interesting historical,
cultural and quasi-romantic pieces. All in all, however,it is a story of denial and coverup -not salacious - but I do not hesitate
to confront what must be confronted.

I can send it to you in PDF format.

Best wishes

Brian Hobcraft

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Brian,

Sure. If it's any good, I'll happily review it for you as well.

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