Monday, June 10, 2013

Lucia Kitchen renovation update

An awesome granite bench was installed last week. It was probably more than a little frivolous, but it just looks so amazing. The picture doesn't really do it justice, unfortunately.

Yeah, I'm still working out which height I want the drop down green lights to be. They're not easy to adjust if you're doing quite a big change, as that involves undoing the light fitting from the ceiling and pulling down some more string that is generally more than a little entangled with the wiring. The really hard part is getting everything back in and then twisting the whole fitting into place.

No tap yet, that's coming tomorrow and then I need to organise the plumber to do it and the dishwasher and the insinkerator. I'll have to check if it's better to wait until the glass splashback is installed. Tomorrow, and abysmal shelf that wrecked the architrave of the small window will be fixed, so after that can get the splashback guy in.

My fridge is still a couple of rooms distant from the kitchen, as I need skirting installed first. Hubbie is working on those. Though, we'll have to buy a new fridge sometime soon, as the old one is now thirteen years old and has the occasional leak, and it's door can open if there's too much in the door. I don't want any leaking on my new bamboo floor.

I can't wait for it all to be finished so that I can stop thinking about it!

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