Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Andrei Priest Sex Crisis: The Facts!

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Lucia Maria said...

I liked his summary. He's totally correct - the culture is sex-saturated and children are constantly targets of this.

He was wrong about the definition of pederasty, unless I missed him stating that it's a sexual attraction to teenage boys by adult males.

bamac said...

Lucia Maria,

I agree with you re the video... Another video that I found of interest, especially after Our Holy father Francis 's talk on the " Gay Lobby " in the church and even in the Vatican was this special report from Vortex ...

Mrs Mac

I.M Fletcher said...

Great video that puts the abuses in context. Any abuse is wrong, but the Church is especially singled out by people who hate the Church for other reasons - its moral stance on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, marriage etc etc.

This is particularly hypocritical when the abuse is much more in secular society. Oh, and no one mentions that much of the abuse is homosexual in nature.

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