Monday, June 24, 2013

Lucia The Storm on Thursday

I drove into Wellington from the Coast on Thursday night, leaving home just after 6pm. It was pretty wild, what with the really deep puddles on the motorway that couldn't be seen until you were right in them making it sound as if the car was scraping against something, and the massive tree that fell onto the entire south-bound left lane on Ngauranga Gorge, and the intense wind that just took my breath away from the south, so intense I had to walk backwards into it so that I could breathe. With all of that, we got to our destination of the Cathedral for the yearly special Mass that always happens on the third Thursday of June.

Coming back it wasn't quite so bad, and my husband was driving so I could look around as we drove rather than maintain a death grip on the steering wheel. I managed to warn him of a massive puddle that I did see, but the only thing he could do was take his foot off the accelerator to hit it at a slightly lower speed. Thankfully were were going only 70Ks at the time, or less.

As we passed a primary school near home, we saw the Fire Brigade out in force dealing to a tree that had crashed through the iron fence onto the road. Our house was still intact when we got back, with full power and the trampoline was where we left it, though my neighbours told me that around the time that we were traveling back, the worst of the wind hit our area and they were really worried the tramp might come flying through their window.

It wasn't until Friday night that we experienced power problems with a brownout that destroyed any chance of being able to make dinner as I was planning - so the normal takeaways were sourced as per usual.

Which reminds me, I need to get my gas fireplace serviced so that if the power goes down or out again, we'll at least have heat. I think the ignition needs a good clean or something.

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Unknown said...

You were brave travelling so far from home into the storm. It was wild where and I am and so we didn't try it.

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