Monday, June 3, 2013

ZenTiger Mother insists she is a father and nags school board to prove it

Fatherhood Banned Here
A father-son bonding session planned by a North Island primary school was cancelled after a single mother demanded to be included. Two "Band of Brothers" seminars were arranged by Matakana School to help fathers get more involved in their sons' lives, and as a forum for dads to share their issues. One session was for dads and another was for fathers and sons. A solo mum wanted to attend but was told she couldn't because her presence would inhibit discussion. She was told a mother and son seminar was planned for later in the year.

"We really just wanted an opportunity for the guys to open up and chat, and they wouldn't particularly want to do if there were females around - which I think is understandable," said principal Darrel Goosen.

The woman's son was welcome at the second seminar and the guest speaker offered a specific session with her and her son but she continued to insist on attending, Goosen said, so the school board decided to cancel the event.
A solo mother wanted to pretend to be a father. She isn't, wouldn't accept a compromise, so the event got cancelled. I think the mother was in the wrong here. Fathers are different from mothers, and mother and father provide complementary roles. The fact that many people view the terms as interchangeable, or irrelevant, or "discriminatory" is a sad indictment on society, and she comes out looking like a nagging shrew guilty of the sin of envy.

What is also poor was the reaction of the school board, not only cancelling the seminar rather than just turning her away, but then issuing an apology: "In hindsight we realise we may have offended some single parents, for which we apologise, as this was never our intention," said a school note to families. . Fantastic - it's now somehow offensive to organise father-son events, and to trumpet a two parent family in the face of a single parent family (although even then, I note the father could be living apart and such events like this may help improve contact between father and son - but it sounds like for this particular mother, the father isn't around).

Cancelling the event because of this one women's complaining is absolutely ridiculous, and the school board should be fired for its capitulation to political correctness.

Unfortunately, I suspect that this kind of issue will never arise again with this school board - having run into a smidgen of conflict, they show they will abandon all principles, and were not really genuine about running such positive programmes, and instead will quietly squash all future initiatives. Because they are wimps. This is the NZ we are building. Shame on them.

Father-Son event cancelled after mother nags school board and they wimp out

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ZenTiger said...

Over at Facebook, Dave Crampton is criticizing the the inflammatory and nonfactual headline. I find that funny.

It's like fishing for trout with bait that works, and your mate getting annoyed it's actually working.

Thank goodness, for all my rhetoric, the substance of the story still holds.

bamac said...

What now, since a certain bill was passed, if the child has Two FATHERS ? or, if it is a case of two Mothers ... would one claim to be the FATHER? Life can be confusing for the child maybe, as well as for the school? What a world!

William Stout said...

Somehow I doubt that had a single father shown up at the Mother and child day that the school would have apologized for insensitivity and cancelled the event. This is the blatant stupidity of political correctness. Also, this was never a problem fifty years ago. People knew where they stood and acted with common sense. Today, we have all sorts of problems because we are so feeling and caring as a society. We have not strengthened our society, we have only poisoned it causing it to teeter as if intoxicated.

Where once Western society was sober and reserved, it is now a shambles with it's core values corrupted by well meaning dupes who espouse multicultural standards. The result? Stories like this. Isn't it odd that those who proclaim to be the great defenders of children always seem to find a way to muck up anything for their benefit?

Ezekiel Benedict said...

Our society is a bunch of idiots.

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