Monday, June 3, 2013

ZenTiger Throw the book at them

Things are rotten in the State of New Zealand. Just glancing down the Scoop headlines for today leaves a sickening feeling that there's just a little too much "sick and twisted" out there.

An Invercargill man today admitted sexually violating an 8-year-old girl at Oreti Beach this year. Jordan Storm Pavlovich, 21, who until today had name suppression, appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips in the Invercargill District Court and admitted sexually violating the girl on February 2. [Link]

10 years, minimum. He gets out age 31. But there is a twist to the story - He's married and step father to young children. Are they safe? The mother thinks so, because he was apparently high on a legal cannabis substitute - K2. Looks like there needs to be an investigation into side effects for this "safe" drug. If the excuse holds up in court, then even more so. Meanwhile, at the other end of the country:

Two Auckland men have been left bloodied and bruised after allegedly being attacked because they were gay. [They] were walking down Howe St when they were berated by two men at a bus stop. The men repeatedly called Whatman and Kirdy “faggots” and then attacked the pair. [Link]

Well, the good news here is that other people in the area came to these guys rescue, and the police now have the two bigoted thugs in custody. Throw the book at them. Three years, minimum.

A teen remains in a critical condition after a factory fire in Rotorua which killed a 14-year-old girl early on Sunday. [Link]

This one is not so clear. It looks like the fire was deliberately lit after a fight. One dead, one critical and others with severe burns. Could be manslaughter, and a full investigation is required. If the fire was deliberately lit, there is a life to pay for and severe trauma for multiple people. 8-15 years.  Throw the book at them.

If I can track these stories further down the track, I'll blog what the sentences actually were.  Hopefully,something more than a month of home detention. What's your guess?

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